5 Unexpected Costs of Moving

While contemplating the financial outlay of a move, many people limit their projections to the cost of professional movers, a pile of boxes, and plenty of packing tape.

Extra Space Storage compiled a list of five often-overlooked moving costs to help people properly budget and plan.

Storage in transit is a service offered by moving companies for those moves where a household’s contents will need to be held until a new residence is ready for move-in.

Renting a storage unit

How many packing boxes and how much tape to buy is tough to gauge; consequently, it’s one area where costs can run up quickly.

Packing supplies

Most agreements obligate the renter to give a specific period of notice: typically 30, but up to 120 days.

Losing your security deposit

When vetting moving companies, it’s important to learn how each mover factors fuel into quotes.

Gas and other associated travel costs

Tipping may not be required for movers, but it’s a common and widely accepted practice. 

Tipping movers

Ensure plenty of bottled water, and other hydrating drinks are on hand during the move.

One final tip

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