How Using the Growth Mindset Can Grow  Your Money

Imagine a world where there was a recipe you could follow to get rich.

What ingredients do you think would feature in it? A high-paying job?  A diversified investment portfolio? Disciplined saving?

What Is the Difference Between Growth and Fixed Mindsets?

With a fixed mindset, you believe your talents, skills, abilities, intelligence, and character are fixed.

A growth mindset is the opposite. You believe everything from your intelligence and capabilities to your overall lot in life is subject to change.

Embracing  the Growth Mindset in  4 Steps

The power of yet leaves open the door to positive change and reframes feelings around money.

1. The Power  of Yet

Don’t say, “I’m failing at this.” Instead, say, “I’m learning.” It’ll shift your perspective on making mistakes and motivate you to keep trying.

2. Replace the Word Failing With Learning

Acknowledging, confronting, and embracing our issues and weaknesses is key to overcoming them.

3. Acknowledge and Embrace Your Weaknesses

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