16 Cheap Vacations You Can Afford And Enjoy

How can you swing it? You can find cheap vacations if you are willing to think out of the box and be flexible on your destination, timing, and where you stay. Don’t worry! You’ll have a roof over your head (or sky), and the plane will have wings.

16  Cheap Vacations You Can Afford And Enjoy

1. Tour Your Environs You don’t have to go far to have a vacation. You can vacation in a place or have a staycation, and make plans to explore your city, town, or region on foot, by car, or bicycle. It may be that you live close to a National Park, lakes, rivers, and you always wanted to take your family and explore these places.

2. Travel Off-Season There are benefits to traveling off-season to your destination. By going off-season, you can avoid crowds, lines, fewer tourists, and have greater availability to explore. Determine what off-season may be as they differ by cities, countries, beaches, amusements, casinos (is there ever an off-season?), or skiing resorts.

3. Off The Beaten Path

There are treasures to find when you go off the beaten path. Besides savings which are often considerable, it is an excellent way to explore cultures and towns chockful of beautiful surprises.

4. Timeshare Vacation Rentals Have you considered renting a timeshare for your vacation? A timeshare is a type of resort that divides ownership of vacation condos among multiple people. There are different resorts and retail chains to choose from and satisfy your needs.

5. National Parks Have you been to Yellowstone? Our country has breathtakingly beautiful National Parks.  The parks are majestic and remind us that we are small parts of our universe.  There are 423 national parks in the US, DC, and our territories, including 63 with Congressional protection.

6. Camping Enjoying the great outdoors is always a great way to have a cheap vacation with family or friends. Camping steadily grew before the pandemic and continued to experience strong growth. You can find a  location with lakes, fishing, and hiking trailing.

7. Book A Trip With Costco Are you a Costco fan? Their members in the US have access to exclusive discounted travel packages, cruises, hotels, rental cars, and limited deals. Just use your membership number to book travel services. There are savings for value-seeking travelers who want luxury.

8. Last Minute Cruises The pandemic has crushed the cruise liners as passengers have worried about the lack of social distancing. In recent years before the pandemic, getting a last-minute cruise has been an excellent way to snag a bargain for those who seek to cruise for a vacation.

9. Online Travel Auctions Bidding online is an excellent way to find bargains for travel packages. Travelers control the prices they are willing to pay for domestic or international packages, rental car deals, hotels, or just flight deals. eBay, the company that kicked off the online auctions for everything, has a travel auction page.

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