Money And Life Lessons From “The Queen’s Gambit”

Chess is not new, and chess is often symbolic of life, war, and survival. The famous physicist  Richard Feynman was said to have used chess to solve mathematical and scientific problems.

1. Find Your Passions And Purpose With hard work, power, and determination, she won games, prize money, and supported herself and her adoptive mother.

2. Keep Practicing And Learning Mr. Shaibel initially discourages her from watching him but soon recognizes her strong interest. Mr. Schnaibel, a chess enthusiast, mentors Harmon who learns quickly.

3. Adopted, She Adapts To Her New Situation Beth Harmon is adopted by a childless couple, the Wheatley’s, sticking with her chess passion.

4. Overcoming Hurdles In The Male-Dominated Chess Game Signing up for the first tournament in Kentucky exposed Harmon to males who initially saw her more as a curiosity until she proved her mettle.

5. Set Goals And Have Strategies Harmon said: “It’s an entire world of just 64 squares. I feel safe in it. I can control it. I can dominate it, so if I can get hurt, I only have myself to blame.”

6. Financial Independence As a successful chess player,  Beth Harmon became a role model for her adoptive mother.

7. Risks And Rewards Each player has only one option: to win this existential game as survival of the fittest. Risks and rewards hang in the balance as they discuss the opening move of the game.

8. Be Confident But Don’t Fall Prey To Overconfidence “The key is not to be tentative. You have to play with absolute confidence.” Benny Watts

9. Fighting Demons As Her Genius Becomes Her Burden A confluence of factors–alcoholism, drugs, and a paralyzing loss–nearly destroy Beth.

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