Warren Buffett Quotes: A Treasure of 16 Investing Tips

Warren Buffett is having a good year. His net worth is about $124 billion and remains a large Berkshire owner.

Warren Buffett Quotes: A Treasure of 16 Investing Tips

1. Expand Your Knowledge Warren Buffett is a voracious reader to stay on top of business developments. One of his favorites was Business Adventures by John Brooks, which he bought for Bill Gates.

2. Positive Money Habits Warren Buffett shares his thoughts on carrying a lot of debt and having liquidity on hand for catastrophes and opportunities.

4. Four Investing Pillars 1. Understand the business. 2. Favorable long-term economics with competitive advantages. 3. Able and trustworthy management; and 4. A sensible price tag.

5. Investing In Real Estate Buffett urged new investors to avoid going into stocks “at times of extreme exuberance,” and ignore headlines (e.g., macro opinions).

6. Avoid Fear, Greed, And Emotions In the Market Fear and greed, will forever occur in the investment community…. Therefore, we never try to anticipate the arrival or departure of either disease.

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