Dealing With The Awkwardness of Money

Have you ever had difficulty talking about a money situation with your friends, family, colleagues, or significant other? Sure, you have, and you are not alone.

The awkwardness of money arises in many situations, adding discomfort, causing envy, and providing stress in relationships. In extreme cases, distrust may lead to financial infidelity.

However, it may be helpful to gain comfort in dealing with financial issues in everyday situations without breaking too much of a sweat.

1. Don’t Hire Someone You Know. It Can Be Awkward.

When working at a desirable company, A friend may ask if you can put in a good word for someone or get them an interview. Think carefully before you do so.

The more I talk to others about money, it is clear that couples are very awkward when discussing money. They may not know each others’ salaries, savings amounts, or debt levels.

2. Talking With A Significant Other About Money

People usually mean well when they give you advice on your clothes, weight, or working too hard. One sensitive area is money and how you should spend it.

3. When People Tell You How To Spend Your Money

Frugality means being more conscious of your spending and getting what you most value. It should not mean obsessing over every dollar to the point of not being able to enjoy your life and be happy.

4. Parental Influences on Our Money Values

5. Giving To Charities At Work

Don’t feel pressured into giving to others unless you ask them to support yours. If you don’t want to give to others, tell them you have your list.

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