5 Ways High School Students Can Earn College Credits

EDsmart outlined five kinds of college credits high school students can earn before starting college.

Which credits are accepted toward a college degree varies by institution, and how high you score on an examination will determine whether credits are accepted by some schools.

Many universities and colleges will award college credit if you score well enough on an AP exam.

Advanced  Placement classes

Colleges and universities in the United States offer credit for the IB diploma and for individual classes.

International Baccalaureate program

Dual enrollment

High school students are given the chance to take college-level classes and earn credit before graduating. Oftentimes, credit for a course counts at both levels.

The College-Level Examination Program allows students to gain credit for introductory-level college material by getting a passing score on an exam.

College-Level Examination Program

Colleges and universities may offer summer programs for high school students with college credit. The pre-college programs focus on a variety of subjects, from software coding to climate change.

Summer school programs

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