10 Ways To Better Manage Your Spending

Only 46% of Americans report making more than they spend, according to a Pew Research study.

Overspending leads to borrowing, usually with higher cost debt associated with credit cards.

1. Handle the pitfalls of online shopping

Online shopping has benefits: quick, convenient, and the opportunity to avoid crowds and lines. However, it is just too easy to buy things online.

Retailers know this and have developed strategies to induce overspending. To save money on shipping, they will tell us to spend more than we intended.

One way to counter some aggressive online tactics is to make it work for you. I would not necessarily consider myself an impulsive shopper, but we all have our weaker moments.

2. Practice cart abandonment

Plan your menu for the week to the best you can, especially if you have temperamental teens at home. What sounded good on Monday is not so desirable on Thursday.

3. Make your own rules for going shopping for food and personal care

You are often paying more for brand marketing than for higher quality when you buy name brands. The private brand and the name brands are often sitting near each other, so it is easy to compare the ingredients’ labels.

4. Avoid brand bias

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