27 Legitimate Ways To Get Free Money

There are many ways to find free money to help you pay bills, have some spending money, more savings to stash away in your emergency fund or grow your investments.

1. Getting Free Money From The Government If you have a legitimate claim, you should be entitled to free money through monetary support and assistance.

2. Student Aid For College Filing FAFSA helps you get financial aid through grants or scholarships and typically is not a loan to pay back.

3. Unclaimed Funds As long as you can prove the valuables are yours or your family’s, this money belongs to you. You’ll need to provide critical current and past documentation that is relevant to the specific item.

4. Lost Retirement Benefits You may have switched jobs during your lifetime, assuming your retirement benefits from a previous employer traveled with you to the next job.

5. Bonuses And Rewards Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions want your money and are willing to give bonuses as free money rewards to keep your deposits with them.

6. Credit Card Bonuses And Rewards I am hesitant to highlight credit cards as a means for getting free money through bonuses, points, and rewards. Credit cards are a convenient way to not walk around without wads of cash.

Choose what you like to do, and if you are good at multitasking, you may be able to do more than one task at a time.

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