How To Grow Your Potential For Financial Success

Growing up, I heard snippets like “do the best you can,” “apply yourself,” “be productive,” and “accomplish things daily.” Sounds so easy. If I follow this advice, I will be successful.

But, successful at what? Ah, that was the hard part! You need to define your own strategic goals in your field, finances, and life. Make sure they are reasonable and achievable.

Being rich is not necessarily a sign of success. Understand what you want in life. Set and align your strategic goals with a plan to achieve specific results.

Behavioral Science: Perseverance, Resilience, And Grit

Generally, success doesn’t just appear out of the blue. You need to work at improving your skills and nurture your abilities over long periods of time.

Carol S. Dweck, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, has researched the mindset psychological trait.

Growth Mindset

She points out that people who believe they can develop skills through hard work are far more likely to be successful than those who don’t. They have a “growth mindset” and benefit from being “can do’s” and are often reliably great employees.

Success usually doesn’t happen without the occurrence of failures. Achieving success usually happens to those that are more resilient. They can bounce back from disappointments or failures.

Practice Makes Perfect

Grit= Passion + Perseverance

The definition of grit is the tendency to sustain interest and effort towards long-term goals. Grit is associated with self-control and deferring short-term gratification.

There are many ways to succeed and feel satisfaction. You can feel success by publishing a book, finishing a project, paying down debt, or even winning the Nobel Prize at age 97 years.

Having Money Is Not Necessarily A Sign Of Success

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