25 Ways To Save Money And Feel Good About It

To make more money, we need to learn how to spend less, save more and investment wisely.  How we spend impacts our personal savings rate and our ability to be comfortable in our lives now and in the future.

The US personal savings rate was an improved 7.6% in December 2018. The rate is measured as a percentage of disposable personal income or DPI.

Our personal savings rate has been as low as zero in the third quarter 2005, and in the low-mid single digits since then. Our savings rates were in the double digits in the early 1950s and 1970s, with the inflation rate playing a role.

How can we save more money?

1. Make use of coupons and organize them well. Ebates, Ibotta and Coupons.com are among a growing group for groceries and household items. 2. Comparison shop for gas. A small savings of $0.25 per gallon could amount to $50 per year.

3. Don’t buy everything you want immediately. Give yourself the time to research the product online. 4. For recurring prescriptions, call your insurance company to ask for prices if you opt for their mail order program.

5. Refinance your home mortgages when interest rates decline or are already low compared to what you are paying monthly. 6. Lower the temperature at home by at least two degrees in the winter and turn it up by the same in the summer.

6. Use less detergents as they are sold in concentrated amounts and will get your clothes perfectly clean. 7. Unplug less frequently used appliances.

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