51 Ways To Save Money In College

Saving money during college is a perfect way to develop good financial habits. Learning how to manage money on a tight budget, pay down debt, and control spending may be among the best lessons they get in college.

As a college professor, my students often share how they spend less on books, entertainment, and food. Many of the tips here come from those discussions.

Parents, I encourage you to share our list with your college-bound students. Likewise, if you are on your way to college, there are ways your parents may be able to help you as well.

Be Resourceful At College

1. Don’t buy new textbooks. Instead, look to rent your books from Chegg, Amazon, or Barnes & Nobles. They may also sell your textbooks in ebook form.

2. Find out about amenities offered on and around campus. See if there are discounts for school supplies and laptops.

1. Live at home if you are near campus. At the very least, you may be able to do your laundry and pick up snacks in a pinch.

Budget Your Living Expenses

2. Use coupons and rebate apps to save on groceries and other personal care items. 3. Avoid Starbucks and invest in a cheap coffee drip pot or a one-cup Keurig.


1. Find the cheapest ride-share in your area if you need to go somewhere not covered by public transportation.

2. Book trips early when you know you are heading home. Look for discounts or consider traveling on off-days.

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