15 Ways To Save Money In The Summer

“Summertime and the livin’ is easy.” George Gershwin (Porgy and Bess), sung by Ella Fitzgerald

Summer is here! It is an excellent time to spend more time outdoors and save money this summer. Besides money-saving tips, we highlight ways to make some extra money too.

#1 Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

It is always a good time to eat healthier with better choices at your local grocery.

Stay relaxed and comfortable. Save some money by dining out at fewer restaurants this summer. Go with your family, significant other, or friends.

#2 Have A Picnic

Many state parks are free and have hiking trails, fishing, and sitting by waterfalls.

When holding your event, label prices. Consider lowering prices late in the day to sell off what you have left.

#3 Garage/ Yard Sales

There are plenty of choices on visitnewengland.com or in your specific region, providing far more than I can list.

#4 Outdoor  (and Indoor) Entertainment

There are more “help wanted” signs in storefronts, offices, and online across America as people get back to work.

#5 Earn Extra Money As A Side Hustle

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