53 Ways You Can Embrace Frugal Living Today

For some of us, frugality comes naturally. But for others, frugal living conjures up images of a miserly, meager existence.

No wonder so many tune out when the topic of frugality comes up! But what if I told you living frugally doesn’t have to be painful or boring?

And—what if I also told you it could bring financial peace, security, and even freedom? It’s true. A frugal lifestyle can provide all this and more.

In this post, I’ll share the whys and hows of frugal living. Then, I’ll get you inspired and motivated by sharing my 53 favorite frugal living tips.

1. Skip extended warranties

Resist the alluring sales pitches to buy extended warranties. They’re rarely worth it. Since you’re now a frugality expert, you should be saving enough to cover any issues that arise.

Raise your deductibles as high as you can afford. Your coverage will remain the same, but your policy premiums won’t—they’ll be much cheaper!

2. Raise your deductibles

Are you paying for coverage you don’t need? For example, jewelry and fine collectibles on your home insurance; rental car coverage on your car insurance. Remove unnecessary coverage and enjoy the savings!

3. Fine-tune your coverage

Most insurance companies offer senior, group, corporate, alumni, or profession-specific discounts. These discounts are sometimes not publicly shared, so you may need to ask to access them.

4. Ask about discounts

Keep in mind that fee-free bank or investment accounts may still have hidden charges. You could incur them if you’re not aware. Be sure to understand any potential fees and how to avoid them.

5. Understand your account fees

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