What We Thought Were Wealth Indicators as Kids


Growing up, specific things always seemed to be for wealthy families, whether there was a luxurious backyard with a pool or the most advanced electronics.

Let’s look at  things users of a popular online forum believed only belonged to the rich when they were young.

One sure way to spot a rich kid was when they cruised around the neighborhood in their own miniature car. These battery-powered vehicles with headlights and a special horn were the envy of every child on the block.

1. Ride-On Toys

A user mentions that one house had a pool in the little town they grew up in. Their friends called it the “Rich People’s House.” They would gaze longingly through the fence, watching kids inside splashing around and having the time of their lives.

2. Private Oasis

The idea of traveling somewhere away from home for the sole purpose of enjoyment seemed unfathomable. The kids who got to go on grand adventures had an air of untouchable sophistication.

3. Summer Vacation

Owning a Barbie home was the epitome of luxury in the eyes of many little girls. It wasn’t just about having the iconic doll but about creating a world of glamor and luxury for Barbie. It was the ultimate status symbol, with multiple rooms, stylish furniture, and even an elevator!

4. Barbie Dreamhouse

One shares that visiting their upper-middle-class aunt and uncle’s house as a child was like stepping into a realm of luxury. They had all the small things that made life feel grand.

5. Name-Brand Bread

A refrigerator with an ice and water dispenser was a marvel that fascinated some as kids. The ability to effortlessly get a glass of chilled water and dispense ice cubes seemed like an extravagance reserved for the wealthy.

6. Ice Dispenser

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