10 Benefits of Being A Mentor

A mentor acts in the best interest of a less experienced person or mentee. They provide expertise, transferring professional knowledge and feedback from an experienced vantage point.

Good mentors have the willingness and desire to share what they know, actively listen carefully, and possess empathy and understanding.

Research confirms that quality mentoring relationships have powerful effects on students, employees, entrepreneurs, and future leaders.

1. Antidote To Procrastination And Anxiety

Providing coaching to others may stop you from pursuing your procrastination, according to a study. As a mentor, you are promoting the best version of yourself.

While tracking other employees, you are likely to be more mindful of wasting time and avoid costly procrastination. It may help you to prioritize your own professional goals.

Effectively mentoring others is a skill to learn and practice. Mentoring programs are sprouting up in many environments and are found to be valuable ways to build communities.

2. Opportunity To Volunteer

It is always good to meet new people, especially in your field. Cultivating your network may not necessarily be the motivating factor to be a mentor. However, good relationships are always good to have.

3. Expand Your Network

4. Personal Growth and A Sense of Fulfillment

Employees who serve as mentors report greater job satisfaction and commitment to their organization. There have been several studies that link mentoring with career development and growth.

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