Challenges Women Entrepreneurs Face (and Overcome)

Despite facing challenges, women are gaining ground. They are reaching higher corporate levels and increasingly starting their own businesses.

High growth entrepreneurship has rebounded from the slump of the great recession but overall growth is still in a decline.

Women-owned businesses are growing faster in numbers, employment and revenues as compared to total businesses.

1. Securing Capital For Growing Businesses Women entrepreneurs face greater difficulties than men when raising capital to fund their growing concerns.

2. Strengthen Negotiation Skills It has been found that women tend to make better advocates when they represent others rather than themselves.

3. Need A Strong Support System Female students, either as a group or one-to-one, tend to approach me for advice and guidance more readily than their male counterparts.

4. Work/Life Balance Working women executives, suffering from work/life balance issues often consider starting up their own businesses as an anecdote.

Women entrepreneurs need to prioritize what is important in their dual roles at work and home. You can’t handle everything especially by yourself.

Women entrepreneurs have made significant strides in owning their business and their successes. They have several challenges to overcome before the playing field is fully level.

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