What is a Disney Timeshare and is it Worth Buying?

Disney Vacation Club is perhaps one of the most popular timeshare brands among families, and of course, Disney adults.

The Disney timeshare brand revolutionized vacation ownership as we know it today, offering flexible points-based ownership, special perks and discounts, and beautiful resort properties around the country.

What is a Disney Timeshare?

Known as Disney Vacation Club, or DVC for short, Disney timeshares allow Disney lovers and families the ability to own a piece of their favorite resort with priority access to make reservations. Owners can stay in the top Disney resorts in Orlando, California, Hilton Head Island, Hawaii, or Vero Beach.

There are fifteen Disney timeshare resorts within the United States, eleven on Walt Disney World property in Orlando.

Disney Vacation Club Timeshare Resorts

– Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Orlando, Florida – Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas, Ko Olina, Hawai’i – O’ahu, Hawaii – Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort – Orlando, Florida – Disney’s Beach Club Villas – Orlando, Florida – Disney’s BoardWalk Villas – Orlando, Florida

15 DVC Home Resorts

How Disney Timeshare Works

Disney Vacation Club works by offering points-based ownership, meaning owners receive an annual allotment of points that they can spend like vacation currency. When you purchase a DVC timeshare, your contract indicates how many points you receive every year.

What is a DVC Use Year?

Every owner is assigned a “Use Year” when purchasing their DVC points. Despite what you may think, DVC Use Year refers to a month, not a year. Your Use Year (UY) is the month in which you receive your annual allotment of points.

Disney timeshare owners can make reservations up to 11 months before check-in at their Home resort. That’s why taking the time to choose your Home resort is so important! Often, Disney properties sell out fairly quickly, especially during the holiday seasons or spring.

How Far in Advance Can You Make Reservations at a Disney Timeshare Resort?

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