Where Is My Tax Refund Check?

Have you already filed your taxes and are waiting for your income tax refund? Do you need to know if your stimulus check is on its way? If so, this post is for you!

Next, we’ll take a closer look at what you can do to get your tax return faster. We will also show you some tips for optimizing how you spend your tax refund. Let’s get started.

Follow the steps below to track your Federal and State tax refund, but first ensure that enough time has passed since you filed your return and that the IRS has received your return.

Where’s My Tax Refund?

Why is My Tax Refund Delayed?

Some tax returns take longer to process than others. In general, if your return is error-free and complete, it will get processed within 21 days. Some reasons that can delay processing are: – Incomplete information – IRS suspects identity theft or fraud – Some claims require additional reviews like the Recovery Rebate Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit, Additional Child Tax Credit, Injured Spouse Allocation, etc.

Where is My Coronavirus Stimulus Check?

The IRS has been distributing the third round of Economic Impact Payments of $1,400 per eligible individual since March 2021. Eligibility is based on your 2019 tax return and income thresholds. All payments were to be completed by December 31st.

What Should I do With My Tax Refund?

Overall, having a solid personal financial plan will make it easy to prioritize how best to utilize your tax refund. In general, we recommend paying off any high-interest loans, like outstanding credit card balances. If you still have money left, invest in your future by putting the money into retirement investment accounts like the Roth IRA.

– Pay off high-interest loans. – Invest in an IRA account or other investments – Use it as a down payment for a new home or investment property – Put money into savings for an emergency fund or retirement account. – Invest in your health – Buy weights for your home gym or invest in non-toxic cookware

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