21 Reasons Why Reading Is Important And Powerful

Reading books ignites my enthusiasm for life itself. For years, I shared my book reviews on Goodreads, Facebook, with my friends, and my family.

Here, I want to share 21 reasons why reading is important and powerful for your success.

1. Provides An Opportunity To Learn

It doesn’t matter what you read; you’ll absorb something that will impart knowledge.

2. Reading Books Out Loud To My Kids

Books and reading awakened our children to emotional and cognitive development, joy, and entertainment and helped us all form bonds over favored stories.

3. Have More Empathy

We can better understand ourselves and others from their hardships, experiences, and outcomes. They make us cry, laugh, and ponder our own lives.

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4. Reading Teaches Us To Be Humble Those who are most educated, like our medical doctors often have what is called intellectual humility.