Start Using Your Paid Time Off! It’s Good For You (And Your Career)

What is Paid Time Off (PTO)? Paid time off refers to planned time away from your job where you still receive pay.

It used to be typical for companies to offer both paid time off and vacation separately, but some have switched to a flexible setup that includes everything in one.

Examples of Paid Time Off – Federal Holidays – Vacation – Sick Time – Medical Leave – Jury Duty – Bereavement – Parental Leave – Military Duty – Voting Time – A Sabbatical

What is Vacation Time? Your vacation time is the number of PTO hours or days you can take off from your regular work schedule.

What is the Difference Between PTO and Vacation Time? PTO and vacation time are often used interchangeably but are two different types of time off that your employer can offer.

Unlimited PTO is another benefit that some employers have started to offer. This trust-based structure allows people to take time off when they need it.

Why Aren’t People Using Their PTO? Some are hesitant to take time off because their managers don’t support it. They are afraid of what it might do to their reputation and chances of getting a promotion.

Why You Need Time Off Time away from your job is good for you. It benefits your career, personal life, and overall mental and physical health.

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