Why Unemployment Matters

When those who want to work are unemployed, families lose their earnings and have difficulties paying bills. They reduce spending to only their essential living needs.

Filing For Unemployment Insurance Benefits Is A Right Claims for unemployment insurance will substantially ramp up. Make sure to take advantage of these benefits.

Eligibility For Unemployment Benefits You are eligible for benefits if you are unemployed through no fault of your own. Typically, you cannot file if you were fired or let go for “gross misconduct.”

Federal/State Efforts While there is federal guidance for eligibility, each state has their own minimum requirements that a candidate for unemployment insurance benefits must satisfy.

More Money Will Likely Be Coming For The Unemployed You cannot collect unemployment benefits if you have another job or if you are enrolled in school or for training.

Retaining Key Company Benefits Those that are temporarily laid off or furloughed are able to collect unemployment benefits. However, they will collect if they are unpaid during the time they are not working.

Paid Sick Leave For Employees Paid sick leave will be offered for two weeks up to an 80 hour limitation at employee’s regular pay rate.

Unemployment levels are central to the health of our economy. We are just seeing the substantial ramp up in initial claims for unemployment insurance to unprecedented levels.

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