10 Wild Conspiracy Theories People Believe To Be 100% True About Movies

Have you heard any fascinating conspiracy theories about the most influential films in Hollywood?

I had listened to a few but found a fun post on the internet asking for examples.

So here are the top-voted responses for your entertainment.

Several people believe the title of the Disney movie Frozen was changed from its original version, The Snow Queen.

Disney’s Frozen

The production of the 1983 film, The Twilight Zone will be forever marred by the tragic accident that caused the deaths of two child actors and one adult actor.

The Child Actors of The Twilight Zone

One user thinks Sam Worthington’s role in Terminator Genisys came as a favor from James Cameron.

James Cameron Did Sam Worthington a Favor

Following the difficult time he had during the writing and filming of Iron Man, Jon Favreau embarked on a new film voyage in Chef.

Jon Favreau in Chef

In the Star Wars universe, force-sensitive people can do miraculous things that non-force-sensitive people can’t.

Jar Jar Binks was a Sith

The original Sonic design was a publicity stunt to garner attention, “and it worked.”

The Original Design for Sonic the Hedgehog

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