6 Smart Ways to Save Money Despite Shortages and Price Hikes


Some of us can absorb punishment and keep moving forward, be it physical danger or emotional trauma, while others are blinded by fear. These people revel in these circumstances.

One such character shared their secrets to staying ahead of the curve on consumer prices, posting a short description of the mentality that helped them overcome inflations, recessions, and crises.

Their philosophy is that once mainstream consumers consider an item overpriced, this presents an opportunity to hack the system and never pay for it again.

Fool Me Once, Shame on Me

For example, when toilet paper madness hit supermarkets across the pandemic world, this hero put bidets in each bathroom. Now, they haven’t bought any for two years.

Bidets Forever

Furthermore, with volatile egg prices sometimes catching up with meat, what did our humble person do? They build chicken coups in their yard and no longer pay for eggs.

Chickens Coming Home to Roost

Moreover, when Netflix raised its prices and disposed of the sharing privileges, this fiscal freedom fighter bought a DVD player, scouring garage sales and pawn shops for offers.

Netflix, Schmetflix

Perhaps the funniest part of the thread is the adage about making lemonade from lemons that they grew themselves — of course!

My Lemons, My Lemonade

Libraries lend books, DVDs, and video games in some cases. Suggestions about using the library were loud, and someone even said their library rents out baking pans; others even said their library lends out kayaks!

Use The Library

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