Women And Money: 7 Steps To Better Control Your Finances

Advancing women’s economic equality could increase US gross  domestic product by $1.75 trillion by 2025 according to the World  Economic Forum.

Research points to women make more than 70% of consumer purchases. It  stands to reason that closing the gender gap in wages and wealth could  improve our economy’s full potential.

I owe my own success to tremendous women (and my family!) who happened to manage money well.

Whether you are married or single, you should have your own money, goals, targets and achievements.

Set financial goals and commit to achieving them.

Women should target higher paying undergraduate majors such as in finance, technology, nursing, and medicine.

Education is always important and a great equalizer in our society.

They are increasingly available in our communities, in our colleges, and in our workplace.

Financial literacy workshops are important especially if they are devoted to women.

According to a 2017 Fidelity study, women are better investors than men but don’t realize they are.

Women tend to be better investors than men.

Invest your savings for workplace retirements accounts but set up investing accounts once you have an adequate emergency fund.

Because women may leave the workforce more than men, and live longer than their spouses, there are certain retirement benefits they  may be eligible for.

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