Would You Make Your Teenager Be Responsible for Buying Snacks for Your Home?

As a mother to a teenager, I cannot believe what I stumbled into today. A  sixteen-year-old kid shared that he lives alone with his dad.

For the sake of his story, we’ll call the kid Jake. Jake explained that his father is a good guy but has an appetite for devouring everything if given a chance.

Jake volunteered that he does his best to be supportive and of his fair share around their home, including chores and laundry.

He works at a delicious kebab place and often brings them home for  himself and his dad. Because his dad cannot eat the garlic cilantro  sauce, Jake is kind enough to be it on the side.

So a few weeks ago, he brought home their kebobs and put them in the fridge for later when he got hungry.

However, his father had eaten them when he went to retrieve them and left him nothing. Jake confessed that now he soaks his kebobs in the cilantro sauce so that his dad cannot eat his again.

Additionally, many of his snacks are missing from the pantry. So he  asked his dad if he could use the grocery budget to pick up these snacks  they both enjoy, and his father told him, “NO!”

So Jake began shopping carefully, only buying snacks with ingredients his dad could not eat. He has a soy allergy.

Additionally, he purchased extra spicy snacks that his dad could not  handle. Jake’s dad questioned him after discovering he didn’t keep his  snacks in the pantry anymore.

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