Yes, Money Can Buy Happiness

Money can buy happiness, according to supporting evidence. However, it is up to you as well. That is good news! I grew up with the notion that an excess of money may lead to feeling miserable. However, wealth alone is not a guarantee of a happy life.

“Money is of no value; it cannot spend itself. All depends on the skill of the spender.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Money Can Buy Happiness In Several Ways:

#1 Earning $75,000 A Year May Make You Happy

I can assure you that earning $75,000 or $100,000 in NYC and living on your own would make your heart sing. For that matter, when someone earns half a million but has $550,000 in hard-to-reduce costs, they are not going to be a happy camper. That person may have a spending problem in need of fixing.

#2 You May Not Be Spending Your Money The Right Way

Consumers can realize more happiness if they spend their money according to core principles recommended by psychologists Elizabeth Dunn, Daniel Gilbert, and Timothy D. Wilson work in the Journal of Consumer Psychology.

#3  Buy What Fits Your Personality And You Will Be Happy

The study proved that money could buy happiness if spent according to the proper psychological fit. Our personalities influence our spending for experiential purchases, material goods, or to buy for others.

#4 Trade-Offs Between Time And Money

The relationship between time and money is well known. An old proverb, “time is money,” equates the two variables. However, we put different values on time and money. Time is a limited resource, but we don’t treat it as such and waste time often.

#5  Money Can Buy Happiness. Find Financial Security:

– Spend less than you earn. – Don’t spend to impress others. – Create an emergency fund for times of unforeseen circumstances. – Minimize debt by paying your credit card balances in full. – Reduce spending when you cannot pay balances fully.

The world has many unhappy millionaires and billionaires because money cannot solve problems like disappointments, health challenges, or broken relationships. Money can buy happiness!

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