What You Need To Know When Getting A Dog

The next slides will guide you through all the  factors you should consider, including one-time and ongoing costs to  help you decide about getting a dog.

The ability to spend time with a new  puppy or kitten at home, and teaching our children how to raise a young  pet was an added benefit.

Although I love all kinds of pets, our  experience has been primarily with dogs. We weren’t the only ones to get  a dog in the first place.

Getting a dog cannot be an impulsive  purchase. When bringing home a puppy, you take care of another life for  potentially 15 years or more.

Does A Dog Fit Into Your Lifestyle?

Keep in mind that if two people work long hours every day, you will be spending a lot of money annually to exercise your dog.

Time, Patience, And Sacrifice

Before you even bring home your dog, be aware of the cost requirements. It is one thing to plan for the upfront  and ongoing costs.

Emergency Funds For Your Pet

Dog ownership has a lot of responsibilities. Financial costs–one-time and ongoing–can be considerable.

The Finances: Upfront/One-Time Costs

According to the American Pet Product Association (APPA), estimated spending of $99 billion on pet products in 2020.

Ongoing Annual Costs

Many dog owners have insurance. According to the North American Pet Health Insurance Association, 85% of pets insured are dogs.

Is Pet Insurance Necessary?

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