What Are Dip Powder Nails?

There isn’t a woman in the world who doesn’t love her nails’ fresh, natural look. Many women choose dip powder nails nowadays to achieve beautiful, durable nails with a natural, healthy glow.

What are dip powder nails? What are its benefits, and how can someone know whether it’s the right choice?

You might even be able to save some money by doing them at home.

Read on to find out all about the dip powder manicure and maybe you can use up those gift cards or treat yourself to a fresh set of powder dip nails the next time you’re at the nail salon. 

What Are Dip Powder Nails?

If you want a delicate, natural finish or lasting bold polish, a dip powder manicure is an answer to your prayers.

The dip powder technique or the SNS nails involves applying or “dipping” the nails into a durable and colorful powder. The method has gained immense popularity since it can last for almost a month, longer than standard gel or acrylic manicures.

How To Do Dip Powder Nails?

The procedure involves the following steps:

  1. Nail Preparation

Before any sort of treatment takes place, the nails need a thorough cleaning to get a good foundation. 

Prepare the nails by gently scrubbing the nail plates to remove any dirt under the nails or nail polish.

  1. Bonder Application

After the nails are ready, it’s necessary to apply a bonder for the powder color to adhere to the nail plate.

  1. Base And Powder Application

Apply a base coat to every nail. It is best to do one nail at a time.

While the nails are wet, dip the nails in the powder. Depending on the desired color intensity, we can repeat the process a couple of times.

Remove any excess powder between applications.

  1. Top Coat and Activator Application

The last step is to apply an activator and a top coat. Space out your coatings and use the activator first. 

Once the nails are dry, add the final top-coat layer.

Dip Powder Nails Advantages

The dip powder nail manicure has created a frenzy of excitement among the first-timers due to its numerous advantages. 

Here’s a detailed list of why women switch to dip powder nails.

  • Easily Done

You can apply dip powder nails relatively quickly and easily. The process usually takes around an hour and can be done at home or in a salon.

  • Durability

The dip powder nail manicure is quite durable. Ladies can enjoy their chip-free nails for almost a month.

  • Many Color Choices

The dip powder nails have very versatile color choices. With over a dozen modern colors, there’s a variety of nail shades to please everyone’s taste.

  • Suitable For Short Nails

Nail extensions are not limited to acrylic nails but can be added with dip powder. Moreover, dip powder is light on the nails, making it suitable for short and long nails.

Dip Powder Nails Disadvantages

Dip powder nails are a creatively-daring way to accentuate the beauty of your natural nails. 

However, just like with any other nail design technique, there are some drawbacks that ladies need to be aware of.

  • Sanitation

It’s important to ensure sanitation when getting dip powder nail manicures in a salon. Having multiple clients dip their nails in the same bowl can put everyone at risk of infection. 

To be safe, we should place the dipping powder in separate containers.

  • Natural Look

Too much powder can cause a thick, bulky-looking nail. To avoid that, remove the excess powder before applying the activator.

  • Allergy Issues 

The binder used in the dip powder nail technique is found to be a common allergen. 

According to the World Allergy Organization, patients who regularly experience redness or swelling around the hands and fingers can be reacting to the activator.

In some cases, patients may also experience coughing or sneezing.

Dip Powder Nails Vs. Gel Nails

Both dip powder nails and gel nails provide nail protection but differ in application.

Dip powder nails don’t require UV light and last longer than gel nails. They can easily be done at home with an at-home dip powder kit and come in different colors like regular nail polish.

On the other hand, dip powder nails have a rougher texture, while gel nails are smoother and have a more natural look.

Gel polish is easier to remove than dip powder. While both involve soaking, the powder takes longer to dissolve in an acetone solution.

Soaked cotton balls will do the trick for gel nails. Dip powder nails need to be soaked in an acetone-filled container for around 20 minutes for the powder to come off.

Mind that patience is a virtue when removing gel or powder polish since any impatience can lead to nail damage.

Forget about pulling or peeling the gel or powder not to damage the nail beds.

How Safe Is The Dip Powder Technique?

The dip powder technique is safe when done correctly and with the proper equipment.

It‘s important to make sure you’re the only person using the powder jar to prevent bacteria from spreading. 

Do not apply the powder to dirty nails since it can induce bacterial or fungus growth.

The best way to protect yourself and others is to sprinkle the powder and use a brush to dust it on your nails.

A good rule of thumb is to give the nail a light coat since you won’t need a lot of powder.

In addition, manicure tools also need to be disinfected and in pristine condition before your manicure.

How To Keep Your Nails Healthy With The Dip Powder Technique?

Dip powder manicures are more time-intensive and less natural than traditional nail polish.

Keeping your nails healthy is a must if you use this technique regularly. If contemplating how to ensure that your nails are in tip-top condition, here are the tips you should follow.

  1. Do Not Push Back Or Cut Cuticles

Even though many nail technicians advocate pushing back or cutting the cuticles, it is not recommended for the dip powder manicure.

Since messing with the cuticles can lead to infection, remain adamant and don’t give in to pressure from your manicurist.

  1. Do A Dip Powder Nail Test

Some people may develop allergic reactions to the dip powder, such as itching, swelling, or discolored skin. 

Do only one dip nail to check whether you’re prone to an adverse reaction. Apply the regular nail polish to the rest of the nails.

Allow for seven days to pass to see if any symptoms appear. Avoid using dip powder and choose another type of nail manicure if they do.

  1. Give Your Nails Time To Recover

Applying acetone to your nails removes the nail color and removes the protective outer layer of the nail. It can inadvertently dry up the nail over time.

Keeping the nail saturated with acetone can also cause peeling and cracking of the nails.

To protect your nails, give them some time to recover by giving up on any types of manicures for a month. 

However, this doesn’t mean you need to give up on nail polish in the meantime.

  1. Inspect Your Nails Between Manicures

If your nails appear too soft for your liking, you may need to give them a thorough inspection before applying a new manicure. By looking out for any signs of trouble, you can determine if your nails need some treatment.

Luckily, you can remedy many nail problems yourself and correct them with basic treatments.

After removing nail polish, inspect your nails for discolorations and cracks. 

Do not proceed with the manicure if you notice that your nail has been discolored, thickened, or lifted.

Remove nail polish and leave your nails bare for 2 to 4 weeks. If a problem persists after this period, you may need to seek cosmetic or medical help.

Consider booking an appointment with a dermatologist with experience in treating nail problems.

  1. Use A Separate Container

Double-dipping should be avoided at all costs, even if it’s just a few quick dips since it can become the source of structural problems.

Dipping your nails into a jar someone else has dipped their fingers in increases the likelihood and speed of bacteria or fungal infections.

When visiting a nail salon, inquire about how they deal with powder containers.

If the nail technician uses disposable containers or sprinkles the powder onto the nails, you don’t need to worry about picking up germs.

Ensure the container is clean if you’re doing the dip powder nails at home.


Dip powder nails are a growing trend in 2022, sweeping the beauty world without an end in sight. The technique is safe, effective, and just as beautiful as a regular gel mani.

With multiple advantages and a few disadvantages, dip powder nails are an excellent way to make a style statement and add a professional touch to your manicure.

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