6 Best Things To Sell To Make Money


Many of us could do with some extra money, especially amid rising inflation and economic uncertainty. You’ll find many ways to sell things to make money with some thought and creativity. Here are some places you can start:

We found 6 things to sell to make money. Start by decluttering your home and monetizing your stuff with a demand to extract its value.

According to Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, most people wear 20% of their closet 80% of the time. With that metric in mind, you probably have many clothes in decent condition and may get up to 80% of their cost.

Sell Old or Unused Clothes

You may have dozens of pairs of shoes you’ve never worn like clothes. Rather than feel guilty about being a shoe hoarder, sell off those unworn shoes and remove their boxes (they take up a lot of room!)

Sell Shoes And Sneakers

Another way to make money is to sell baby gear you don’t need anymore. You could contact The Stroller Store to sell a used stroller. You may want to check out the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Sell Baby Gear And Clothes

Selling jewelry is different depending on the type of jewelry you wish to trade. If you are considering selling expensive jewelry, you should contact The American Society of Appraisers for an appraisal. They likely charge a hefty fee of up to $350 per hour, but knowing the value of the jewelry you plan to sell is worth knowing.

Sell Jewelry

If in good condition, luxury watches are in high demand. In the US alone, around $100 billion worth of fine watches are sitting around people’s closets.

Sell Luxury Watches

Original vintage posters advertising products and events like movies have recently been in high demand as nostalgia collectibles. Whether you have an original vintage poster or a collection, you may be able to sell them at an auction or gallery.

Sell Vintage Posters

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