Debunking Popular Myths About These 6 Professions


Reruns of the beloved TV show MythBusters are still going strong on Discovery, and while this show deals with breaking scientific myths, nobody has done a show about busting career myths.

A group of Internet users share some home truths in a discussion about what happens in their profession — which isn’t always pretty.

Many vets enter their chosen fields due to a love for animals, but many people don’t know that being a veterinary doctor is sometimes horrifying.

Veterinary Medicine Is Painful

Some professionals negate the idea that when you go into surgery, they put you to sleep. An anesthesiologist assures us all that when you are anesthetized, you are not asleep. Somewhere, part of your brain receives those pain signals — you just don’t remember them. Gulp.

Anesthesiologists Cut to the Truth

We all know that car assembly lines are almost entirely robotic, but airplanes differ. That 250 tons of aluminum, reinforced carbon, and titanium keeping you at cruising altitude? An engineer reveals it is almost 96% made by human hands.

Handmade Airplanes

One reason anybody chooses a profession surrounded by books is that they adore them. However, some librarians reveal how little book-handling they do anymore, with their days consumed by fiddling with computer systems, dealing with borderline street characters, and logging nefarious individuals onto the Internet.

Librarians Don’t Touch the Books Much

With the onset of mass testing, advocacy, diversity training, and unreasonable grading quotas each evening, it’s no surprise teachers are losing their autonomy.

Teachers Have Little Autonomy

The problem with dentistry is the angles — a human can lie down, but they still require a specialist to crook their neck to inspect their mouths, resulting in neck and back pain.

Dentistry Will Damage Your Neck

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