Debunking Popular Myths About These 10 Professions

Reruns of the beloved TV show MythBusters are still going strong on Discovery, and while this show deals with breaking scientific myths, nobody has done a show about busting career myths. A group of Internet users share some home truths in a discussion about what happens in their profession — which isn’t always pretty.

1. Veterinary Medicine Is Painful

Veterinarian with assistant
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Many vets enter their chosen fields due to a love for animals, but many people don’t know that being a veterinary doctor is sometimes horrifying. Having to put down pets because their owners can’t afford the treatment must be a form of torture for animal lovers — many of them clock out early, which is a sad euphemism.

2. Anesthesiologists Cut to the Truth

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Some professionals negate the idea that when you go into surgery, they put you to sleep. An anesthesiologist assures us all that when you are anesthetized, you are not asleep. Somewhere, part of your brain receives those pain signals — you just don’t remember them. Gulp.

3. Handmade Airplanes

American Airlines
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We all know that car assembly lines are almost entirely robotic, but airplanes differ. That 250 tons of aluminum, reinforced carbon, and titanium keeping you at cruising altitude? An engineer reveals it is almost 96% made by human hands. However, we must wonder how long before those hands lose their human form.

4. Librarians Don’t Touch the Books Much

Librarian helping student
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One reason anybody chooses a profession surrounded by books is that they adore them. However, some librarians reveal how little book-handling they do anymore, with their days consumed by fiddling with computer systems, dealing with borderline street characters, and logging nefarious individuals onto the Internet.

5. Teachers Have Little Autonomy

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With the onset of mass testing, advocacy, diversity training, and unreasonable grading quotas each evening, it’s no surprise teachers are losing their autonomy. Many claim they have little influence over their school’s operations, instead following orders from the leviathan network of administrators, counselors, and HR departments in their school districts.

6. Dentistry Will Damage Your Neck

Dentist and patient at hospital
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Some dentists make good money, retire with a healthy pension, and are financially comfortable for most of their careers. The problem with dentistry is the angles — a human can lie down, but they still require a specialist to crook their neck to inspect their mouths, resulting in neck and back pain. Moreover, staring down strangers’ throats all day must take its toll.

7. Magicians Don’t Get Hella Girls

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Contrary to popular belief — and forgetting David Copperfield’s obvious Claudia Schiffer connection — magicians are not surrounded by beautiful assistants they make disappear. One such professional claims he only makes women disappear when he tells them he is a magician.

8. Therapy Is Mutual

Woman seeking therapy
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A therapist drops in with their ten cents’ worth for anybody considering using their shrink as a sounding board. Part of seeing a therapist is knowing you want to make a change, which takes goals, discipline, and willingness to see where you want to be. Hollywood tropes aren’t helpful in this regard.

9. Scientists Are Not Corrupted

Woman scientist
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Believe what you will, but many scientists leap to their reputations’ defense with a wake-up call for those losing faith. Many PhD-wielding thread members assure the masses they are not colluding with Big Pharma to hide the cure for cancer, nor are they planning the next pandemic. You heard it here first.

10. Male Firefighters Don’t All Deserve a Calendar

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Some honest flame-fighting heroes share their humorous take on how well-perceived their profession is. In reality, most of them have the bleary-eyed sleep cycle of an infant and, in one joker’s description, look like a bulldog chewing a thistle. Sorry, ladies — they are still heroes; does that make a difference?

Source: Reddit.

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