The Pandemic’s Silver Lining: 6 Best Aspects of the Lockdown


No one wants to relive Covid-19, the most significant global health crisis of our lifetime. Many people lost family members and suffered trauma. However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom for everyone, as several people transformed their lives for the better.

Members of a popular online community were asked what the best parts of the lockdown were, and these are their most exciting takes.

For one thread contributor, the isolation that came with the lockdown was a blessing in disguise. Having lost his job, a man and his girlfriend decided to quarantine together, despite having only recently met.

Got Married Out of the Blue

While millions of others were losing their income sources, one woman says she found hers during the pandemic. “I am disabled. Thanks to an increase in working from home (WFH), I got my first WFH job. It was life-changing.” In a reply, a second user says she’s sorry it took the pandemic for her to land her first job, but it’s still a big win.

Got a First Time Job

A pediatric anesthesiologist shares her thrill with the lockdown, explaining how the widespread adoption of face masks made putting to sleep children in need of medical care easier.

Administering Children’s Anesthesia Got Easier

“Absolutely zero traffic.” is the way someone describes his driving experience during the pandemic. Others say the disappearance of traffic jams during the lockdown was one of the things they were grateful for as commuting to work and back became free of the pre-pandemic hassle, especially for people offering essential services.

Traffic-Free Roads

The temporary reduction in human activities during the lockdown meant that there was reduced fossil pollution and an increase in air quality. One commenter summarizes it this way: “No smog. You could see the mountains.”

Healthier Environmental Conditions

Gas prices plummeted during the pandemic because supply exceeded demand by an immeasurable margin. People on the forum say they loved buying a gallon at $1.59 and would rather fancy the perks than buy at the current, neck-breaking prices.

Gas Prices  Got Low

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