Exploring the True Health Risks of 10 Often-Misjudged Professions

Not every job is what it seems. Some of the most coveted or casual jobs can have health risks that people often don’t consider. While all jobs come with pros and cons, many of these occupations come with unexpected health risks that may make you think twice about entering the profession.

1. Teachers

School teacher
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It feels like teachers have never been appreciated to the degree they should be, but it’s still worsening. They are overworked and underpaid, leading to significant health problems stemming from immense stress. Beyond this, teachers, especially those who teach elementary grades and younger, will likely catch viruses from the children who spread it so easily.

2. The Military

Military man
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Most people know that joining the military is a dangerous choice, but many do not realize the wide range of health effects that can plague active military personnel and veterans. Things like hearing loss, tinnitus, arthritis, and flat feet are just a few examples. And that doesn’t include the mental stress, depression, nicotine addiction, and alcohol abuse many military personnel experience.

3. Therapists

Woman talking to therapist
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Therapists aren’t putting their bodies at risk like soldiers are, but substantial health risks are still associated with the job. They take on their patients’ worst feelings and circumstances daily, likely internalizing this, leading to immense stress. They are prohibited from discussing their work with others, making it hard for them to find catharsis.

4. Attorneys

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Like therapists, attorneys cannot discuss their work with their spouse or best friend. This can lead to constant and severe emotional and mental stress. High levels of stress can cause heart problems and inhibit brain function. Plus, some attorneys may find themselves in dangerous situations with criminals.

5. Bartenders

Classy bartender barman
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Bartending can seem like a fun job where you socialize and fling bottles of booze around like an acrobat, but it can be a highly taxing and dangerous. The late hours, long shifts, physical demands, and social setting can all be draining. Some bartenders fall into alcoholism because of the atmosphere.

6. Doctors

Man with doctor
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Most people are impressed when someone says they’re a doctor, and for good reason. However, the road to get there and the following journey can be immensely stressful. All through medical school, residency, and beyond, there is a lot of pressure to perform perfectly and be the best among your peers. But perfection is impossible. And after all that, although they usually get an excellent salary, the student loan bills are often overwhelming.

7. Social Workers

Social worker
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Like therapists, social workers often have to take on a lot and can’t always talk about it. They see people, especially children, in brutal and depressing situations, which causes emotional stress for the social worker. They may also be in dangerous situations when doing home visits or working with unstable individuals.

8. Dolphin Trainers

Valencia, Spain - Sept 13 2022: A trainer with dolphin jumping out of the water at the Oceanografic oceanarium aquarium
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Being a dolphin trainer seems cool and fun to many, but it can come with significant health risks. They must wear a wetsuit during all kinds of weather and spend much time in water, which can lead to illnesses and bodily discomfort. The working conditions can be quite rigorous, and the hours are often long.

9. Dry Cleaners

Young dry cleaner posing at camera.
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Dry cleaning may seem innocuous with few health risks, but being around those powerful chemicals all day can harm your health. Symptoms of overexposure to harsh chemicals include central nervous system depression, dizziness, headaches, live damage, kidney damage, impaired memory, drowsiness, and irritation.

10. Competitive Eaters

Competitive Eaters
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Hungry folks might view competitive eating as a dream job, but it’s not a healthy occupation. Many competitive eaters are wildly uncomfortable following a competition. Long-term effects of this occupation include consistent nausea, persistent vomiting, abdominal cramping, diarrhea, and chronic indigestion. The job can also lead to morbid obesity and profound gastroparesis.

Source: Reddit.

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