Money Isn’t Everything: 6 Values That Matter Most in Life


Raising a family or taking care of our parents requires funds for health care, education, and the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of life. It can help us make a difference in the lives of others through giving.

Without money to pay our bills or invest, we may fall short of achieving our life’s goals and having financial security, independence, and freedom. However, money isn’t everything, and there are valuable things money can’t buy.

Time is money, but it is so much more. If there is inequality in money and wealth, we have the same limited time. You can’t borrow or lend time at any cost. Anyone who loses family and friends knows the tragedy of time running out.

Time Is A Precious Resource

Somewhat related to time is how we manage our energy. Energy affects our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We all have limits to what our mind and body can do. What is personal energy or power? It is the effort or strength you will devote to people, things, or challenges in your life.Finance

Manage Your Energy Wisely

We can’t take our physical, mental, and emotional health for granted. Yet, we often do this by not taking as good care of our bodies and mind as possible.  What is your health worth? Like time, it is priceless and precious.

Health Is Our Vital Asset

We need our family and friends to validate us for their love, affection, and companionship.  The pandemic experience required us to social distance for safety reasons. However, we grew tired of the pandemic and staying apart from the people we love. Human beings don’t enjoy isolation.

Family,  Friends, And Community

Choosing the right partner you want to spend your life with is easier said than done. Only after years together can you look back and say you are fortunate to find someone to be with until you are old and gray.

The Right Life Partner

Consider yourself fortunate if you find meaningful work in most of your career. Every individual should explore what kind of work they most enjoy doing. For some, it is working with their hands to craft a tangible product.

The Virtues  of Work

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