10 Celebrities Whose Fame Surpasses Their Skill

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It may be rose-tinted glasses that I use when I think of celebrities of old, but they all seemed to have a vital purpose. Of course, we still have these stars, but as we crossed into the new millennium, fame … Read More

10 One-Hit Wonders Who Had Much More To Offer

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Some musical artists are regarded as one-hit wonders for their meager success in the Billboard charts. I would happily be known as a one-trick pony if that one trick supported me into retirement. However, are we being fair to these … Read More

From Deserts to Canyons: A Journey Through Arizona State Parks


While Arizona’s national parks, like the iconic Grand Canyon, tend to bask in the spotlight, its state parks offer beautiful landscapes and unique experiences. Arizona has incredibly diverse ecosystems, from the desert floor to remote swimming holes, and its state … Read More

12 A-Listers Who’ve Amassed Incredible Fortunes

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Most celebrities in Hollywood are not short on cash, but the incredible fortunes some famous folks have created are truly impressive. Whether they made money from artistic endeavors, entrepreneurial projects, or just sitting back and collecting royalties, these 12 stars … Read More