the cents of money is about financial education, here to teach and inspire you about money, seek new ideas and to create a greater comfort in your world about one of life’s great stresses. I want to use my financial skills honed by my professional experience to help others. That, by itself would pay dividends to me.

Benefiting you would benefit me.

Hi, I’m Linda Meltzer! Hi Impact.

Thank you for being here! 

I was raised in a loving home of modest means by my immigrant parents who worked hard . Education was valued above all else. I learned how to stretch my money on the streets of the Bronx. Being called cheap was sort of a badge of honor.

In spite of having experienced professional success as a ranked and published analyst on Wall Street, and having earned an MBA and JD, those early lessons about money have stayed with me…. Just like swimming and riding a bike. And ooh, the scrapes…. !!!
And just like my success, I have had my setbacks. There are no straight lines in life!

I am married to a loving husband, Craig but he has different (not always good!) money habits than I do.

This has sometimes caused stress as my workaholic nature sometimes turned a blind eye to our finances. And it’s a big reason why I am writing this blog.

We have two beautiful teen kids (I know, beautiful and teen can be oxymoronic!). I want them to be happy, healthy, safe and be respectful.. to others, especially to respect money.

I am a Professor teaching business students and of course, finance, for the past ten years in a major urban community college for the past ten years. Like me, they are often the first in their families to go to college. I listen to my students and learn from them too.

For fun, besides writing this blog, I am a voracious reader (and I share my book reviews), love movies and cooking.

While this is a new blog, I am no newbie to writing about money, finance, investments or legal topics. As much as I love to learn, I love to educate even more. I can be a little nerdy but I hope to provide you a better understanding of money matters.

My blog is dedicated to my children, my college students and to those more vulnerable in financial matters: college grads, women, millennials and minorities.

None of us are exempt from poor financial management, not the educated, not the wealthy, but especially those who are experiencing “sudden wealth.”

I welcome all of you who have an interest in credit, saving, spending less, and investing first in yourself.
Thank you for being here! I want to hear from you too! Feedback, comments and questions are welcome!

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