10 Awful Movies People 100% Love and Savor


What movie do you enjoy that you will 100% agree is such a bad movie that it’s good? I’ll go first and admit I love the Twilight saga. All five movies, soundtracks, and instrumental movie scores are a part of my … Read More

15 Most Visually Amazing Movies Ever Created

The Wizard of Oz 1939 imdb MSN

Film is a visual medium. No matter how much we may talk about plot and themes, the first thing anyone notices about any movie is its visual style. It makes sense for film fans to want to seek out the … Read More

10 Best Movie Trilogies Ever Made According to the Internet

The Dark Knight

What is the best movie trilogy ever made? Unfortunately, Indiana Jones and Toy Story have added a fourth film disaster following their perfect trilogy success. Otherwise, I’d nominate both of those. After asking the internet for their top contenders, these were the top ten.  … Read More