20 Best Apps That Offer Incentives for Saving Money

Saving money is a goal many people strive for, but it can sometimes be challenging to stay motivated. Fortunately, technology has made it easier than ever to save and even rewards you for doing so. Numerous apps help you manage your finances and offer money-saving incentives. These apps turn saving into a fun and engaging activity by providing rewards, cash back, and other benefits, making it more enticing to build up your savings.

1. Acorns

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Acorns is an app that rounds up purchases to the nearest dollar and invests the spare change. Savings are made effortless by turning everyday transactions into investment opportunities. Users can also set up recurring investments and use Found Money, a feature where certain purchases earn bonuses. This app simplifies saving by automating investments and offering cash-back rewards.

2. Qapital

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Qapital uses goal-based savings to help users set and achieve their financial objectives. It allows for customizable rules, such as rounding up purchases or saving when users meet specific conditions. By making saving a part of daily routines, it becomes less daunting. Qapital also offers a spending account and a debit card, providing a comprehensive financial tool.

3. Oportun

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Oportun, formerly Digit, analyzes users’ spending habits and automatically transfers small, manageable amounts into savings. It works quietly in the background, ensuring users save without thinking about it. The app offers a no-overdraft guarantee, providing peace of mind. With personalized savings goals and the ability to pay down debt, Digit is a versatile tool for improving financial health.

4. Chime

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Chime is a financial technology company that offers a savings account with an automatic savings feature. It rounds up purchases to the nearest dollar and transfers the difference to a savings account. Additionally, Chime offers a feature that automatically transfers a percentage of direct deposits into savings. These automated processes make it easier to build a nest egg over time.

5. Simple

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Simple integrates budgeting and saving into one seamless experience. It provides users with visual aids to track spending and set savings goals. Simple’s Safe-to-Spend feature helps users see how much money they can safely use without compromising their savings. Providing clear insights and automatic savings transfers encourages better financial habits.

6. Twine

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Twine is designed for couples looking to save together. It allows users to set joint savings goals and contribute to them collaboratively. Twine also offers personalized recommendations and investment options. This app makes saving a shared activity, promoting teamwork and financial communication between partners.

7. WinWin

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WinWin combines saving with the excitement of winning prizes. Users link their bank accounts and transfer money into their WinWin account, where they can play games for a chance to win cash prizes. This gamified approach makes saving money more fun and engaging. By offering potential rewards, WinWin motivates users to save consistently.

8. SmartyPig

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SmartyPig is a free online piggy bank that helps users save for specific goals. It offers competitive interest rates and the ability to share savings goals with friends and family for added motivation. SmartyPig also provides cash-back rewards on purchases made through the platform. This combination of features makes it a robust tool for goal-oriented savers.

9. Stash


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Stash is an investment app that encourages users to save by investing in fractional shares of stocks and ETFs. It offers personalized investment advice and educational resources to help users make informed decisions. Stash also has a rewards program that offers cash back on purchases made with the Stash debit card. By integrating investing and saving, Stash helps users grow their wealth over time.

10. Long Game

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Long Game turns saving money into a fun and rewarding experience. Users save money in an FDIC-insured account and earn chances to play games for cash prizes. The app combines the excitement of playing games with the practicality of saving money. This approach helps users stay motivated to save consistently while enjoying the process.

11. Robinhood

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Robinhood is primarily known for its commission-free trading, but it also offers a cash management feature that helps users save. The app provides a high-yield savings account with no fees or minimums. Users can earn interest on their uninvested cash while having the flexibility to invest whenever they want. Robinhood makes it easy to manage both saving and investing in one platform.

12. Clarity Money


Clarity Money helps users manage their finances and save money by analyzing their spending habits. It offers features like subscription management, which allows users identify and cancel unnecessary subscriptions. Clarity Money also provides personalized savings recommendations and automates savings transfers. Offering a holistic view of finances helps users make smarter financial decisions and save more effectively.

13. Tip Yourself

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Tip Yourself is an innovative app that rewards users for accomplishing personal goals or completing tasks. Users can transfer small amounts of money into a virtual tip jar whenever they achieve something noteworthy, like going to the gym or finishing a project. This self-reward system turns saving into a positive reinforcement activity, making it more enjoyable and motivating. By linking savings to personal achievements, Tip Yourself helps users develop a habit of saving in a fun and personal way.

14. Peak

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Peak combines the concept of saving with mental exercises to keep users engaged. This app offers brain training games that reward users with financial incentives for participating and achieving high scores. The money earned through these activities is then transferred into a savings account, making saving both intellectually stimulating and financially beneficial. By merging cognitive training with saving, Peak provides a unique and rewarding approach, like using a personal trainer to build financial stability.

15. Joy

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Joy focuses on improving financial wellness through saving and emotional well-being. The app encourages users to reflect on their spending habits and make conscious choices about their money. Joy analyzes spending patterns and helps users identify areas where they can save more effectively. Additionally, the app provides personalized tips and rewards users for reaching their savings goals, making the process both insightful and gratifying.

16. Plum


Plum uses artificial intelligence to analyze users’ financial behavior and automatically save small amounts of money. By linking to users’ bank accounts, Plum tracks income and expenses to determine how much can be safely set aside. The app offers a range of saving modes, including a feature that saves more aggressively for those who want to reach their goals faster. Plum’s intelligent saving algorithm ensures users can build their savings without actively managing the process.

17. Monzo

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Monzo is a digital bank that offers a variety of tools to help users save money. One of its standout features is creating savings pots and separate accounts within the Monzo app dedicated to specific saving goals. Users can automate transfers to these pots and even round up their purchases to save spare change. Monzo also provides insights into spending habits and offers tips to help users save more effectively, making it a comprehensive tool for managing personal finances.

18. Emma

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Emma is a money management app that helps users track their spending and budget effectively and save more. It connects to multiple bank accounts and credit cards, providing a complete view of the user’s financial situation. Emma identifies wasteful subscriptions and suggests where users can cut back to save money. The app also offers cashback rewards for certain purchases, incentivizing users to engage with their finances and save more diligently.

19. Cleo

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Cleo is an AI-powered app with a conversational interface to help users manage their finances. Through chat-based interactions, Cleo provides insights into spending habits, creates budgets, and sets up automatic savings plans. The app also offers a “Cleo Boost” feature that allows users to receive instant cash advances, which can be paid back gradually. Cleo’s engaging and interactive approach makes financial management more accessible and encourages users to save more consistently.

20. Chip

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Chip is an app that uses artificial intelligence to analyze users’ spending patterns and automatically save money on their behalf. The chip determines how much users can save without impacting their daily expenses by linking to a bank account. The app offers a range of savings goals and allows users to adjust their savings levels based on their financial situation. Chip’s innovative saving technology ensures users can build their savings effortlessly while maintaining control over their finances.

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