10 Exciting Things People Would Choose To Become an Expert in at the Snap of Their Fingers

People recently met online to reveal their thoughts on an intriguing proposition: What would you do if you suddenly inherited 10,000 hours of experience in a field and immediately became an expert? If you could be an expert at anything, what would it be? The answers people gave were insightful, daring, and otherwise remarkable!

1. Drawing

Whether it’s becoming an illustrator, a painter, or just the world’s best sketch artist, the people have spoken: They overwhelmingly would like their creative juices to flow and become experts at drawing! Creating something with your hands and making art out of a blank canvas is genuinely magnificent for many people who would jump at the chance to be one of the best.

2. Playing Piano

Becoming a master of playing instruments is easier said than done — it requires untold amounts of practice. It wasn’t surprising to discover countless people would become expert musicians, with piano playing topping their wish lists. “I play piano, but I am mostly self-taught, and though I can jam well in my small range, I can’t read music or apply theory to what I’m doing,” reports one budding musician. “It would be so awesome to play with the knowledge of 10,000 hours of thorough practice.”

3. Speaking Different Languages


I become exceptionally jealous whenever I meet someone who can speak more than one language fluently. As someone who can barely speak my native language of English correctly, I’m consistently blown away by people who can effortlessly speak multiple languages. Predictably, many men and women confess that they’d master as many languages as possible en route to making me quickly die of jealousy.

4. Combing Through Fine Print

One man professes that he finds immense satisfaction in finding discrepancies in legal documents. An extra 10,000 hours would make him the world’s best lawyer! “I’d become a master of researching the fine print of insurance documentation and finding clauses buried deep that actually do cover whatever procedure someone needs,” reveals one man. “The insurance companies bury it deep, like 300 pages deep, and in tiny fine print. I’m an analyst that spends all day, every day, investigating discrepancies within data. The job has its perks, like learning how to conduct super thorough due diligence.”

5. Video Editing

Anyone who’s tried their hand at video editing knows the awful truth: It’s challenging to learn and even harder to master! However, most people agree that the results are undoubtedly impressive. Being tasked with editing a major Hollywood blockbuster is a bucket list item for any creative person, which is why many people would become expert video editors if they could.

6. Being a Functional Adult

When one person tongue-in-cheek confessed that he would use the experience to become a fully-functional adult, nobody expected the positive response he received! As it turns out, countless men and women would use the imaginary 10,000 hours to become the best version of themselves — someone who pays bills on time, eats healthier, and cares for their bodies. Imagine that.

7. Flying a Helicopter

Is there anything in the world more fulfilling than piloting a helicopter tens of thousands of feet in the air? For many, becoming a pilot of any kind is an unattainable pipe dream unless you commit to endless hours of training. But if 10,000 hours of experience were immediately granted, more people than I thought would immediately become helicopter pilots. It would be the ultimate cheat code. (Plus, you wouldn’t deal with nearly as much traffic!)

8. Meditation

The goal of becoming acutely aware of your mind is something that many people want to chase. Snapping their fingers and becoming a meditation expert would be a life-changing experience. “Your entire internal landscape would transform in an instant,” marvels one woman. I’d love to be more enlightened!

9. Astrophysics

Some aspire to become experts in fields that most people can’t understand. I don’t know what an astrophysicist does, but I admire the person who wants to be the best of the best! “I would probably personally pick astrophysics,” confesses one man. “I’m not anywhere near being a scientist, but I dream of the day when humanity reaches out into the unknown of the stars. I think it will unlock something in us profound and altering in a deep way.”

10. Photography

As someone who takes hilariously bad photos, I agree with the many men and women who would become expert photographers. Being able to capture a fleeting moment and transform it into a single frame of mesmerizing beauty is something I would love to put on my resume. Plus, it would be easy to parlay my newfound skills into a highly lucrative side hustle!

Source: Reddit.

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