10 Honest Opinions About Prenup Agreements Regardless of Loving Your Partner Today

The subject of prenuptial agreements in the marriage arena is a polarizing one. However, many people swear by these agreements, claiming that the separation of monetary funds between two newly-married people decreases the likelihood of a messy financial situation in the case of divorce.

Others argue that prenups are simply not necessary. Whatever side of the argument you find yourself on, there are plenty of people with honest opinions about prenuptial agreements – and they aren’t shy about voicing their thoughts!

1. “Be Careful.”

One person who had been through the trials and tribulations of divorce offered some words of wisdom, “Be careful.” He had a prenup, and his ex fought it in court. And the judge disregarded part of it. So, as a result, he won’t be getting legally married again.

Although this man didn’t give exact details of his situation, the thought of a judge disregarding part of a prenuptial agreement puts a bad taste in our mouths.

2. “No Matter How Much I Love My Partner…”

Although many people accused this woman of being bitter, others applauded her no-nonsense approach to prenups. She said no matter how much she loves her partner. She will get a prenup and keep their finances 100% separate.

“Also, my money will be MY MONEY. I’m not interested in forking over my hard-earned money in the case of a divorce, and I wouldn’t want his money either.” When people view their finances in such black-and-white terms, it’s unsurprising that they entirely favor prenups.

3. “What People Don’t Realize…”

Prenups can be complicated. Luckily, one lawyer provided some helpful information about the entire process. Many people don’t realize that a prenup only covers what you had before the wedding and not what you guys made while married. He added that all prenups “aren’t the same.”

Common-sense advice like this goes a long way toward better understanding the financial aspect of a potential divorce.

4. “This Scares Me.”

For some people, the entire scenario that would make a prenuptial agreement something to consider is overwhelming. “This scares me,” one person bluntly stated. “I inherited money and will have more coming when I hit 30. I also make my own and have property.

I don’t even know if I want marriage and kids. But the money makes me wary of ever doing it or living with someone where it could be considered a marriage.” The sad truth is that for most marriages, money does complicate things. Ultimately, deciding if a prenup is best for you and your significant other is up to you.

5. “My Partner Wouldn’t Object.”

Many people believe that love conquers all, and one woman theorized that two level-headed and responsible people wouldn’t have a problem entering a prenup. She doesn’t think the right partner would object to this.

One admitted, “My approach has been the opposite, but my partner was open to doing it however made me most comfortable, and I have friends who have had that complete separation and made it work.

You can’t have a healthy relationship if they don’t respect what you need to feel safe.” In any relationship, respect is paramount, whether or not a prenup is part of the big picture.

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6. “I Don’t See Anything Wrong With a Prenup.”

One of the most honest opinions we’ve come across comes from an exceptionally sensible take from one man. You can work stuff out; it’s not a big deal. “It always boggles my mind when people try and figure out down to the penny how as a couple, they spend each other’s income.

There must be give-and-take, but you don’t need to commingle finances/property/everything to be a successful couple.” This straight-laced response made us think that prenups aren’t the relationship problem but the lack of honesty and respect in the marriage.

7. “Be Honest.”

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to protect your hard earned money – and there’s nothing wrong with being honest about wanting to sign a prenup, either! Be honest about what you need and what you need to protect, and then you can figure out if the rest works.

8. “Why Get Married?”

Possibly the most interesting opinion on prenups came from a man who began to question the entire institution of marriage! If complete financial autonomy is an absolute priority, why get married?

“It’s perfectly acceptable to have a long-term romantic partner without marriage. However, I’m struggling to understand the reason for the legal marriage if there is no presumption of shared resources.”

9. “I Think It’s Great…”

Ultimately, a prenuptial agreement is a polarizing topic, and what works for one couple may not work for another. It’s great knowing what you want and what’s important to you.

One noted, for him and his wife, it’s the opposite. They co-own everything, and he cares for all the financial matters as she doesn’t like it. So it sounds like this man found out what works for him, and he’s sticking to it, although many users did find it strange that his wife “doesn’t like” taking care of financial matters.

10. “It is a Good Idea, I Have to Admit.”

When you’ve been burned financially by a partner in the past, it’s not surprising that you’d consider a prenuptial agreement just to give yourself a sense of security. “Both of us have been taken advantage of by previous partners and are rather careful about money now,” one man confessed.

“We didn’t bother with a prenup, though. It is a good idea; I have to admit.” However, it sounds like he should reevaluate not having one with his current partner!

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