10 Jaw-Dropping Travel Moments That Completely Blew Our Minds

There’s something to be said about making the most of your travel opportunities. While bar hopping and exploring city centers is enjoyable, there’s nothing like having a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! Travelers love living on the edge, from white water rafting to hot air balloon rides. Recently, experienced adventurers met in an online discussion to reveal their favorite jaw-dropping travel moments that live rent-free in their minds today.

1. White Water Rafting in Costa Rica

The thrill of navigating rushing waters in a beautiful country isn’t for every traveler, but even the most hesitant adventurers admit white water rafting was a life-changing experience. “I admit that that white water rafting wasn’t a ‘check off the bucket list’ item; it belonged on the ‘even a million dollars won’t get me to do this’ list,” confesses one man. “Doing it was totally out of my comfort zone, but it was the most fun I’ve ever had. I still can’t believe I did it, so it tops a lot of other experiences!”

2. Seeing the Northern Lights in Norway

By all accounts, witnessing the Northern Lights in person lives up to the hype. While photos do the phenomenon justice, countless people profess that being there is a cathartic and life-affirming experience. Although Norway and its surrounding countries can sometimes be difficult to travel to at peak times, savvy travelers admit that seeing the Northern Lights is worth all the money they spent to get there.

3. Hiking the American Southwest

Outdoor lovers know it doesn’t get any better than hiking the American Southwest. From Zion National Park to Monument Valley to the Grand Canyon itself — and every national park and vista in between — countless men and women consider it a can’t-miss opportunity to see the most beautiful locations in the United States. Although I’ve been to Zion, the Grand Canyon is on my bucket list — I can’t believe I still haven’t seen it!

4. Hot Air Balloon Rides in Egypt

I’ll be honest: I just learned today that you could see the Great Pyramids from above, courtesy of multiple hot air balloon companies operating out of Cairo! There’s arguably no better way to experience one of the world’s great wonders than from hundreds of feet up in the air. The only thing that could make a hot air balloon ride in Egypt better was if an epic camel ride followed it.

5. Exploring the Mountains in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is home to countless memorable hikes, and one person recalls an unforgettable experience with his friends, spending 24 hours exploring all the mountains have to offer! “I’ll never forget hiking hut to hut in New Hampshire’s White Mountains with my friends,” she reveals. “We watched the sunset from the Lakes of the Clouds hut and saw the moonrise from Madison Hut.”

6. Wine Tasting in Croatia

Brace yourselves, wine lovers: Throughout the coastal cities of Croatia, it’s possible to board yachts that take you to private islands filled with endless wine tastings! It’s true; as one of the most tourist-friendly countries in the region, Croatia is known for world-class hospitality and unforgettable experiences. If enjoying a tasty glass of white wine while aboard a yacht sounds like something you’d love doing, I highly suggest booking a flight to Croatia as soon as possible.

7. Ziplining in Thailand

Who wouldn’t love flying over endless forests and jungles in a remote part of the world? Many men and women travel to Thailand not just to experience a friendly culture but to experience the world-famous Gibbon Experience, also known as Thailand zip lines. “The thing that blew me away most while in southeast Asia was the zipline experience on the border of Laos and Thailand,” explains one man. “It’s the closest thing you can get to flying, and I highly recommend it.”

8. Surfing in Hawaii

Hawaii represents the Holy Grail of surf spots for millions of surfers worldwide, so it shouldn’t be surprising that men and women travel from all over the world to experience the region’s legendary waves. Fortunately, Hawaii caters to surfers of all levels. Beginners can learn the ropes in Kauai, while more experienced riders can tackle the big waves in Maui.

9. Camel Riding in Morocco

Is there anything more uniquely Egyptian than riding camels with an expansive desert in the background? I don’t think so! While Morocco has a bad reputation due to cultural differences, travelers still think it’s worth the experience. “Morocco is incredible,” reports one woman. “Going to Marrakech felt like being transported into an Indiana Jones movie; I’ll never forget the main market square. If you take more time in Morocco, spending some time in the desert riding on camels with Berber nomads is amazing! That experience was once-in-a-lifetime for sure.”

10. Cliff Jumping In Italy

One of the best times of my life came when I spent a month in a small fisherman’s village in Sicily in the latter half of 2022. Just outside my door was a small inlet surrounded by picturesque painted cliffs. Of course, I started most mornings by diving headfirst 20 feet into the water; it consistently woke me up better than any shower or coffee could! As it turns out, I wasn’t alone: Many residents and visitors joined me most mornings!

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