10 Must-Have Products Worth Snagging Secondhand

Some purchases make your life better, whether it’s a snuggly sweater, a classic novel, or a kitchen essential. However, you don’t always need to buy these things brand new. In fact, some of these products are best secondhand because they cost less and may be “broken in” perfectly, so they’re even more comfortable or easy to use!

1. Smartphones

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Sure, buying a brand new iPhone and getting the fresh white Apple box is nice, but is it worth the extra $500+ you pay for it? Again, secondhand doesn’t mean you picked up an iPhone at a thrift store. Even Apple sells refurbished iPhones, meaning they were pre-owned but have been refreshed to be like new! This can save you hundreds or even thousands!

2. Books

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Books that have been pre-owned have a special something to them. Maybe the previous reader left thoughtful notes in the margins, or there’s a cute inscription on the cover. Perhaps the book’s spine is all worn and flexible, or they dog-eared all the pages they paused on. Not only are secondhand books more affordable, but they feel like they’ve been loved and appreciated.

3. Sweaters

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With today’s fast fashion, many clothing items aren’t high quality, especially sweaters. A thick cable knit sweater or wool cardigan can be hard to find brand new and may even cost a few hundred dollars. But if you sift through the thrift store racks, you may find a fabulous and high-quality sweater for a decent price.

4. Gym Equipment

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Gym equipment is another purchase that can break the bank if you shop new. A high-quality barbell rack can easily cost $200. But it’s not like weights go bad! Look for things like yoga mats, dumbbells, lifting benches, and barbells in thrift stores or on sites like eBay and save yourself some money. Plus, gym equipment like this can be nice when it’s a little worn in.

5. Storage Bins

Storage Bins
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Storage bins are a must for most homes. Whether you’re putting away your Christmas decorations or your dog’s toys, simple plastic bins can do wonders to keep your house organized. Instead of dropping $100+ at the container store, look for these bins at thrift stores. Just make sure there are no cracks or funky smells!

6. Wood Furniture

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Buying fabric furniture secondhand, like a couch, can be concerning because of bedbugs, stains, and other unpleasant evidence of being pre-owned. However, wood furniture can stand the test of time, and you can save oodles of money by buying pre-loved wood tables, chairs, and benches.

7. Pets

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We know this one sounds a little weird but stay with us. The number of adorable and sweet pets who get returned to stores and shelters is astounding. Elderly animals are often never adopted into a forever family. However, pre-owned animals are often already spayed and neutered, which is convenient! Consider taking in a little creature that someone else returned.

8. Glassware

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Like wood furniture, glassware doesn’t carry icky things like bugs, making it an easy item to buy secondhand. Stunning vases, wine glasses, drinking glasses, bowls, and other glassware can be pricey, so buying it secondhand means you get the fancy items without paying the fancy prices.

9. Cast Iron Pans

Cast Iron
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Cast iron pans are another coveted item that can be costly when you buy them fresh out of the box. If you’re a passionate home cook, cast irons can bring depth and rusticity to many of your dishes, from burgers to eggs to pancakes. Many people say that if you spot a cast iron at a thrift store, grab it and never look back because they’re a thrifting treasure.

10. Cars

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This is another purchase you’re not going to get from a thrift store. But the drop in price after a car has been pre-owned, even if just for a few months, is dramatic. You can save thousands of dollars if you buy a vehicle that was driven by another for a little bit, and it can still feel brand new!

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