10 Outdated Things Boomers Always Keep in Their House and Still Use

As time marches on and technology continues to advance, certain generations find themselves holding on to the familiar relics of the past. One such generation is the Baby Boomers, who often have a penchant for keeping and using outdated items in their homes. From landline phones to fax machines, vinyl records to VHS tapes, Boomers embrace these relics as a reminder of simpler times and a nod to their personal preferences.

1. Landline Phones

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Boomers are notorious for keeping their landline phones even in the age of smartphones. They value the reliability and familiar feel of a physical phone handset. While younger generations have embraced the convenience of mobile devices, Boomers still rely on their trusty landlines for long conversations and maintaining a sense of connection with loved ones.

2. Fax Machines

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Despite the prevalence of email and digital communication, Boomers still find value in their trusty fax machines. They appreciate the ability to quickly send and receive important documents without the need for scanning or printing. For them, the tactile nature of faxing adds a sense of formality and security to their business dealings.

3. Vinyl Records

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While digital music streaming dominates the industry, Boomers proudly hold on to their extensive vinyl record collections. They relish the rich sound quality and the nostalgic experience of placing a needle on a record and enjoying an album in its entirety. To them, vinyl represents a time when music was cherished and savored, rather than consumed as background noise.

4. VHS Tapes

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Boomers are known for their love of movies, and their collections of VHS tapes are a testament to this passion. Despite the rise of DVDs and streaming services, many Boomers still enjoy the process of hunting for rare VHS titles and popping them into their VCRs for a cozy movie night. The grainy visuals and nostalgic charm of VHS tapes evoke memories of simpler times.

5. Rolodexes

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In the age of digital address books and smartphone contacts, Boomers often maintain their trusty Rolodexes on their desks. They appreciate the tactile experience of flipping through the cards and jotting down notes by hand. These physical Rolodexes hold a lifetime of connections, representing a personal and curated network that Boomers cherish and rely on for their professional and personal lives.

6. Encyclopedias

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Boomers are likely to have a collection of encyclopedias proudly displayed on their bookshelves. Despite the wealth of information available online, they value the comprehensive nature of these physical reference books. They enjoy the tactile experience of flipping through pages and discovering knowledge in a deliberate and focused manner.

7. Film Cameras

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Boomers often have a collection of film cameras tucked away in their closets. They appreciate the art of photography and the patience required to capture the perfect shot. While digital cameras have made photography more accessible, film cameras hold a certain mystique and allow Boomers to preserve memories in a tangible and carefully curated form.

8. Answering Machines

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Many Boomers still use answering machines to screen their phone calls. They appreciate the ability to listen to messages in real time and decide whether or not to answer. Answering machines provide a sense of control and privacy, allowing Boomers to maintain boundaries and prioritize their time and attention.

9. Wall Calendars

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Despite the prevalence of digital calendars and smartphone reminders, Boomers often stick to their trusty wall calendars. They enjoy the act of physically marking important dates and events, adding a sense of anticipation and organization to their lives. Wall calendars serve as a visual representation of the passing months and hold sentimental value in capturing memories.

10. Address Books

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Boomers tend to keep physical address books to store contact information. They appreciate the simplicity and reliability of having a physical backup in case their digital devices fail. Address books hold the names, addresses, and phone numbers of their loved ones and acquaintances, serving as a personal and tangible record of their social connections.

11. Carpet in Bedrooms

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Carpets in bedrooms, especially shag rugs were all the rave at one time in the distant past. Sometimes carpets covered chipped floors, or linoleum. Some people don’t like when their feet touch a cold floor, but floors with area rugs are more attractive.

12. Fake Fruit

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Bowls of faux fruit made of wax or plastic were in style in 1980s, but they were tacky most of the time. Some people still have them on their tables, where they collect a lot of dust. Keeping real fruit in a bowl is more attractive, and a great way to get your family to indulge in healthy food.

13. Potpourri or Seashells

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If you have plenty bowls, you may have seen people put potpourri or seashells as a form of decoration, and a memory of a beach vacation. They may have been a tchotchke you brought home as cheap souvenirs, but may crowding your tables or shelves.

14. Pay Paper Bills With Checks

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These days, most people pay their bills electronically instead of personal checks, and automate most payments. Some still cling to traditional checks, but that likely to go the way of landlines, the rolodex, and newspapers. You also save on postage and envelopes, so it may be time to put your checks in safe drawer.

15. Cookbooks

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If you like cooking, you probably love your cook books, and turn to your favorite recipes. That’s what I still do, and it’s a favorite comfort of mine. Cookbooks are still going strong, representing the fourth largest nonfiction category. However, it is much easier to find new recipes online of every cuisine and difficulty level, and view while cooking.

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