10 Traits That Make Men Truly Attractive

It’s often the intangible qualities that hold the power to captivate our hearts and minds. Beyond the surface appearance, several traits define what makes a man genuinely attractive. Women talk about all of these in an online forum.

1. Sense of Humor

Girls are attracted to men who are different from themselves, don’t take themselves too seriously, and are kind-hearted. However, girls should be careful so they don’t fall for an overly humorous man who becomes a clown no one takes seriously. There’s a line between “he’s so funny with friends” and “he’s not serious all the time and tries to make a joke out of everything.”

2. A Well-groomed Beard

A well-kept beard is a visual cue of masculine assurance. A man’s facial features can look more masculine, distinct, and aged with the addition of a well-kept beard. Studies found that women are more likely to marry men with facial hair and rate a man’s attractiveness based on his beard (or lack of one).

3. A Gentleman

Who still pulls the chair out or holds the car door open for their girlfriend? Chivalry is lost on many men, and few women are lucky to have such a guy. Being treated like a queen, only gentlemen know how to do this effortlessly. These actions speak volumes about the character and upbringing of the person, reflecting qualities of empathy, respect, and a willingness to make an effort for their partner’s happiness.

4. An Engaging Man

One lady shared what she finds attractive about men: “Being genuinely interested in my hobbies and knowing how to explain your own without making me feel stupid.” A man who listens attentively and takes a genuine interest in a woman’s hobbies validates her passions and opinions. Likewise, explaining his own interests without condescension shows respect for her intelligence.

5. Skills

Having a handyman as a boyfriend has many benefits. According to one user, “seeing a man covered in dirt is always nice.” No, you don’t want your man to look like he just climbed out of the sewer when he’s headed to a job interview, but seeing him get greasy under the hood of a car is attractive. It’s just as cute when there’s dirt on his hands after working in the garden because it proves he’s good with his hands.

6. Humble Confidence

There’s something about guys who are exposed, well-read and knowledgeable. But the natural attraction is when they are unassuming. Someone describes it as “The kind of guy who never acts like he knows more than everyone but actually does.”

7. Grooming

While it might not make you attractive in the literal sense, it is unattractive for a person to stink and wear ill-fitting, ill-maintained clothing. “Wash yourselves, dress yourselves like you care what you look like, and you will instantly look far more attractive than you would otherwise,” says one user.

8. Full of Random Facts

It’s cool when a guy can share interesting facts during a normal conversation, making it more interesting. This shows that your talks will probably never be boring. “Plus, if you’re ever strapped for cash, you know you can send your man on Jeopardy to earn some extra money,” one user joked.

9. An Animal Lover

Finding a man who adores animals and possesses the maturity and responsibility to care for another living being is truly special. When he has a dog, you can see his commitment as he takes it for walks, keeping himself and his furry friend healthy. His ability to handle stubbornness indicates his patience and adaptability. This assures you that he won’t be taken aback when you’re feeling a little down without any particular reason.

10. Abs and Broad Smile

A toned physique, a captivating smile, and good looks are undeniably attention-grabbing attributes. It’s no surprise that many people are drawn to a man who possesses these physical qualities. A well-defined set of abs and a bright, wide smile often serve as initial indicators of a man’s health and self-care. Maintaining a fit body can reflect dedication, discipline, and a commitment to well-being. And a radiant smile has a remarkable ability to uplift any interaction instantly.

Source: Reddit.

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