11 Silly Ways People Confessed To Wasting Money On

What’s the worst money you’ve ever spent? I confess to wasting money on many things I bought and didn’t use for various reasons, including subscriptions that I didn’t use.  After someone asked an online forum for other examples, these are the top-voted confessions.

1. Bailed Out an Ex

One Redditor explained, “Five years ago, I took out a $10,000 personal loan to bail out my ex from the consequences of his actions. Good job, self. It’s paid off, and I am fine. But I have to laugh about it. Otherwise, it is just sad.”

2. Doggy Doctor Bills

“I paid $2000 for my dog to get an x-ray, and it turned out he just had a leg cramp from not drinking enough water that day,” confessed one.

A second shared, “Relate to this so hard! My senior pups have plenty of legit medical issues, but once spent a good chunk of change at the vet with a dog who didn’t want to walk. He didn’t feel like walking that day. Nothing wrong with him.”

3. An Unnecessary Taxi Ride

“Once, I paid $20 for a taxi ride to drop me off at the same spot because I couldn’t be bothered to ask for directions, and it turns out that I was looking for a place that was a bit hidden and right there. I still think about it to this day,” one replied.

4. Overpriced Bad Hair Day

Someone shared, “I paid $470 a couple of weeks ago to get my hair done. When I left, my hair was five shades of orange, and I wanted to cry (it was supposed to be blonde). I then had to spend an additional $250 on products from Sally’s to fix it at home. Should’ve just left my hair alone.”

5. A Parking Spot Mix-Up in New Orleans, LA

Another volunteered, “I paid $75 to get a boot off my car in New Orleans after paying $25 to park. I was assigned spot #15, but someone else parked in it, so I just parked in #16. It was eight years ago, and I still wanna fight someone when I think about it!”

6. Graduate School

“I didn’t have to pay tuition while attending graduate school and got a stipend (Ph.D.). Still, the opportunity cost of not saving or contributing to retirement for five years is killing me. I regret not asking people to pay for professional development opportunities instead of paying out of pocket,” answered another.

7. Spending Money on a Manipulator

One person confessed, “I bought multiple birthday and holiday gifts worth a couple hundred for one man because I deluded myself into thinking we would end up together. He also played into it for the benefit. I get sick just thinking about it. But, at least it was only one guy, and it’s never happened since.”

8. Sorority Dues

“I joined a college sorority when I couldn’t afford to. I was in it for one and a half years before the dues became too high to sustain, and I dropped out. Spent about $2-3K total,” explained one.

A second volunteered, “I feel this one! I spent $10k over four years to be in one, and I did not have the money for it. Added to my loans from school.”

9. Fancy Perfume

A newlywed stated, “I bought a $300 perfume because the shopkeeper was local, and he took so much time to walk through the scents. Nothing had prices.

I felt spendy because of my wedding planning and thought it would be a good scent. Cue wedding day – forgot to put on the perfume due to the craziness, and now, a few weeks post-wedding, I regret the purchase. It’s too heavy for everyday use.”

10. $900 on Overstock.com

“Recently, $900 on a couch from Overstock. It was the perfect look until the fabric started pulling apart at the seams significantly in less than two weeks.

After four weeks of use, I have a massive hole in the left cushion, right where you sit. After four months of back and forth, customer service sent me a new couch (I wanted just a pillow or a refund) and ended up refunding it.”

11. Alcohol and Drugs

One person shared, “I battled addiction for many years before finding sobriety in 2013, and I can confidently say drugs and alcohol were the worst money I’ve ever spent.” The best news was that this person has been sober, productive, and happy for over ten years.

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