11 Things to Consider When Seeking Your Ideal Dream Home for Retirement

Have you thought about the criteria for your list of places to retire?  Someone asked what to consider for finding an ideal retirement place. People shared their list of conventional and not-so-conventional benchmarks to consider for their dream home in the future.

1. Warmer Climate

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Some people refer to the weather where they currently live, like Chicago, and want to move as far away as possible from blizzards, snow, and freezing temperatures. They want excellent weather to be active all year round, seeking short, mild winters and not-too-hot summers with low humidity. One mentioned that high humidity would be a dealbreaker. Others want to avoid places noted for occurrences of natural disasters, citing earthquakes, fires, flooding, and droughts as “no-nos.”

2. Location! Location! Location!

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When moving somewhere, real estate agents tell you it’s about “Location! Location! Location! This criterion considers location as people ponder where their next and possibly their last move will be.  Retirees want to be close or able to travel to family, kids, grandkids, and specific relatives, though some want to go as far as possible away from their kin. A commenter wants to know people in the area to help them make new friends.

3. Local Culture

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Several want an area notable for their available public transportation, quality Internet, utilities,  walkable around the town or city, a bike, “a natural history museum,” “an EV charging infrastructure,” National Parks, state parks, botanical gardens, and nature. One person specifically explained that “drinkable water and sufficient water reserves are high on his list,” as that seems to grow as an issue in specific environments. People like to have some of the culture, art, music, ethnic food, and museums they have now.

4. Towns With Colleges and Universities

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As they deliberated their location, a few people suggested picking a college town that offers more things to do, from taking courses, sporting events, concerts, theater, and art museums to having excellent libraries that the community can use. One agreed about a college town but warned others that sometimes it gets noisy, dirty, and crowded, and by summer, people are happy to return to their town.

5. No Political Extremism, Please!

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Redditors agreed political extremism could be offensive and a significant turnoff. However, agreement turned to a lot of debate and partisanship, with many eliminating specific states that were “too blue,” “too red,” “too leftist,” or “conservative.” At the same time, even outspoken purple-leaning areas could be challenging, though most agreed climate change is vital in their future area.

6. Availability of Quality Healthcare

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Access to quality healthcare is an essential criterion for future retirees. One had retired to Santa Fe, but its healthcare infrastructure was a massive negative for her. Another said he wants affordable healthcare without fighting the insurance companies and exorbitant insurance.

The most beautiful places in the US “remain unpopulated because there are no nearby hospitals,” especially for retirees. Another added that it is hard to retire to rural areas as “physicians (there) are all about age 30, doing a five-year stint in rural medicine which will forgive medical school loans, then it’s off to the city.” 

7. Low Crime Rates

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Safety concerns are a high priority for everyone, especially older folks who may feel more vulnerable. Not surprisingly, commenters want to find a safe place with low crime rates. A couple of Redditors from large cities want to move out as they feel vulnerable in their current crime-infested, questioning why some “criminals go free so soon.”

8. Low Cost of Living

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There was a robust interactive debate on having an affordable lifestyle with decent housing, but not to be confused about “living cheaply” or “cost should not be the most important issue” as that may mean the area lacks decent infrastructure. A consensus of commenters agreed with a statement that some cities have the cost of living “wildly out of control,” and most prefer an affordable cost of living.

9. Comfortable Everyday Living

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People are creatures of habit; even when they move to new places, they want to continue their routines, whether walking, exercising, exploring, reading, or shopping. Shoppers of Costco or other wholesale warehouses will want one nearby, along with food and grocery stores they enjoy going to, like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, or friendly restaurants.

10.  Local Economic Growth

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Many people consider the area they would like to retire to years earlier, but they must investigate whether the local neighborhoods are still expanding or declining. Neighborhoods can be impacted by fleeing populations for various reasons, including an economic downturn, business closings, or significant employers moving to another state. You’ll want to make some observations and research using the US Census, talk to people, and use other resources.

11. Airport Nearby

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Are you planning to travel to go on vacation or visit your family? You’ll want to know if you’re close to a major airport that can accommodate your planned trips. Consider accessing public transportation to get around easily in your future environment.


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