Splurging on Life’s Small Delights: 10 Little Things Worth the Extra Cost

For millions of consumers, saving money isn’t only the name of the game; it’s a way of life. Being frugal has many advantages, but sometimes, men and women are okay with opening their wallets and splurging on specific products! Recently, savvy shoppers met in an online discussion to reveal the items they don’t mind paying a premium for.

1. Cheese

Cheese Grater
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Growing up with nothing fancier in our refrigerator than Kraft Singles American cheese, I admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of expensive cheese. However, as an adult, I agree with everyone who splurges on quality artisan cheeses! “Our one splurge is getting good cheese from the proper cheese shop rather than the shredded stuff from the supermarket,” one woman admits. “We still sometimes buy the regular stuff, but wow, when you treat yourself to the proper cheese shop stuff, it’s just a chef’s kiss.”

2. Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Old man wearing Ray Ban sunglasses
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If you’re anything like me, you constantly lose your sunglasses, buying the same inexpensive pair from Amazon once or twice a year. According to many people, though, I’m doing it all wrong. Countless people admit once they bit the bullet and purchased an expensive pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, they found themselves making sure they never were out of sight. It got me thinking: I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone accidentally misplacing their Ray-Bans! I think it’s time to change my frugal ways.

3. Meat

Woman buying meat
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I’m a meatloaf connoisseur, so I know the importance of quality ground meat. For my recipe, it’s vital to have a combination of veal, pork, and beef for the perfect meatloaf texture. As it turns out, I’m not alone. “I like to spend a little extra on meat,” confesses one father. “In part because I’m very concerned about antibiotic resistance, so I want antibiotic-free, but also because I can really feel the quality difference. If I find the higher quality meat at a good discount, I’ll stock up.”

4. Authentic Coca-Cola

Coca Cola
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In the eyes of many consumers, there’s only one choice when deciding among countless brands of cola: Authentic Coca-Cola. While store brands and generic versions of this timeless beverage are infinitely more expensive than the real thing, millions of people vote with their wallets and gladly pay extra each day to enjoy one of the most iconic sodas in the world! (I’m more of a Pepsi guy, but that’s neither here nor there.)

5. Ziploc Bags

Ziploc Bags
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My mother is never one to dispense advice to her children, but one of the only life lessons she bestowed on me was advice that was passed down to her from her own mother: Always pay extra for Ziploc bags! According to my family, only Ziploc has the technology to create an airtight seal in small plastic bags perfectly. I don’t know if this is true, but nevertheless, to this day, I still only purchase Ziploc when stocking up on home and kitchen supplies.

6. Seeing Live Music

Live Music
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Purchasing physical albums and merchandise is a common way to support your favorite bands and artists. Still, many aging rockers don’t shy away from helping them even more intensely – by buying tickets to their live shows! “I am starting to travel more to see my old favorite rock bands since I am not sure how many more tours they’ll be doing,” one music fan explains. “I guess they’re ‘bucket list’ concert at this point.” He makes a great point; who knows how long your favorite band will be around anymore?

7. Fast Home Internet

Mobile connecting to WiFI
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It isn’t 2004 anymore. Thanks to every aspect of entertainment being streamed over the internet to our televisions and devices, it’s more important than ever to have reliable, high-speed internet in our homes. Many will gladly spend top dollar for the fastest internet speeds because anything less will result in slowdowns, service interruptions, and endless lagging. The internet is much more data-intensive in 2023, and as a result, lightning-fast service is a must!

8. Vehicle Amenities

Man driving and listening to music
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Creature comforts in our vehicles are more important than ever, and people don’t hesitate to pay top dollar! “I pay whatever the upcharge cost is to get keyless entry, keyless start, heated seats, and a backup camera in whatever used vehicle I buy,” reveals one man. “These features are must-haves for me, and even if I can save a couple thousand dollars without them, I won’t.” I don’t know what I’d do without my heated seats in the winter; they’re total game-changers.

9. Yearly iPhone Upgrades

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Although seen as a status symbol these days, millions of consumers don’t care: They continue to purchase brand-new Apple iPhones every year! Incredibly, so many people feel the need to be seen with the latest $1,000 smartphone every year, but in 2023, people are more focused on themselves and how they’re perceived than ever before. As for me, I’m perfectly content with my one-year-old Android smartphone.

10. Winter Coats

Coats made of animal fur
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While many look to save money on necessities like socks and t-shirts, some men and women draw the line at outerwear. Buying a quality winter coat is one of the best purchases you can make, as one person puts it into perspective. “I’ve had the same short winter coat since 2014, and they still look new,” explains one woman. “It’s been worth every penny! If I ever need to replace it, I’ll absolutely spend the same amount or more to get the same longevity.”

Source: Reddit.

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