12 Countries With the Best Food in the World

Despite our conflicting differences, food is one of those unspoken languages that unite people worldwide. Trying out new food from other cultures is a unique and thrilling experience. Inspired by members of an online food discussion, here is a list of 12 countries with the best food in the world.

1. India

New Delhi, India
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Several people agree India has the best food in the world. “I have had almost everything on the menu at my local Indian restaurant, and I’ve never had a meal or snack I disliked,” says a food enthusiast. India’s cuisine is a symphony of spices and veggies that awakens your senses with every bite. Some Indian meals foodies recommend are tandoori chicken, biryani, chicken tikka masala, and butter chicken.

2. Mexico

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Mexican cuisine is an extravaganza of robust flavors and brilliant colors. Can a country live up to its reputation, even down to its cuisine? Mexico does so effortlessly with vibrantly seductive meals, just like her music. Very few countries can mesmerize your taste buds like Mexico can. Chilaquiles with a sweet serving of frijoles will seduce your tongue with every bite, and when you’re done, try an authentic taco too!

3. Greece

Santorini, Greece
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Pronouncing the names of great Greek cuisines can be difficult, but who cares about the terms when the meals are so spectacular they make you lose your mind? From the tangy enticement of tzatziki to the deep comfort of moussaka, Greek food celebrates the best of the Mediterranean.

4. France

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French cuisine is as much about technique as specific ingredients, hence why quality never falls short with French meals. If you are looking for some French food, a contributor recommends you find yourself a croque madame: it never disappoints. The French aren’t just romantic; they’re lovers of exquisite cuisines. From the century-old method used to make Confit du Canard to debates around ratatouille, France isn’t just where croissants come from — it’s the heart of sensational cuisines.

5. Italy

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Want a country meal that inspires bliss with every taste? Then, look up Italian cuisine. It’s safe to say that the Italians own pasta, with the excellent variety of pasta meals they boast. In Italy, you’re conscious that food is a unique form of delightful art that keeps you drooling based on appearance and taste. While spaghetti bolognese might be the staple food of Italy, anyone can appreciate the beauty of other meals. From ravioli to risotto, Italy’s spicy nature is crowned by its incredible food.

6. China

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Watching Chinese chefs perform the art of cooking leaves most food enthusiasts in awe. But creativity isn’t the best part — the taste is! China invites you to explore a world of flavors, where you meet many regional cuisines and the perfect use of ingredients. “Every town has a particular dish that is their local specialty, and it’s usually great,” says a contributor. Everyone should try some Mapo Tofu at least once in their lifetime in the traditional way, eaten as it should be, with bean paste and peppercorns. But if that’s too hot for you, maybe some Chinese fried rice would suffice.

7. Nigeria

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Several people also agree that Nigerian cuisine is a masterfully crafted art. Like Indian cuisine, most Nigerian meals are an excellent tapestry of spices and aromas. With such meals as jollof rice, bolé, and egusi soup, the Nigerian culinary options are vast and diverse, cutting across several regions and states. No wonder the world’s current holder of the Guinness World Record for marathon cooking is a Nigerian.

8. Israel

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The Israel food table is a fantastic blend of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and African food. Hundreds of other Israeli recipes will have you appreciating the country. While we might think of hummus as a dip, it differs from what you’d pick up in stores. From falafel to shawarma, Israeli meals will leave you feeling full and nourished.

9. Vietnamese

Hoi An, Vietnam: High view of Hoi An ancient town which is one of the most attractive destination for tourists.
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Vietnamese food is a delightful and delicious combination of both flavors and textures. Pho and banh mi are two meals that strongly maximize the use of fresh herbs and vegetables to take your taste buds to a foodies’ paradise.

10. Spain

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Treat yourself to delicious Spanish meals like patatas bravas, spiced tortillas, and churros. A bite of Spanish tapas fully awakens your senses and fills you with a sense of belonging. It is undoubtedly one of the best countries in the world as far as mouth-watering meals are concerned.

11. Thailand

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Thai recipes are all things spicy, sour, sweet, and salty. Those who have had the chance to explore the Thai culinary world agree that Thailand’s food scene is a thrilling, adventurous journey, whether it’s a bowl of tom yum goong or the spiciness of a green curry soup. There’s also the spicy shrimp soup and spicy green papaya salad — all waiting to amaze you.

12. Belgium

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They say you start eating a meal from its appearance, and the Belgian food scene completely captures the essence. What else would you expect from the innovators of fries and waffles? Belgium has a rich culture with food, and a highlight of some of the other foods made with centuries-old recipes include Flemish stew, rabbit with prunes, grey shrimp croquettes, and mussels, to mention but a few.

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