14 Common Regrets People Carry Around All Life-Long

We all have regrets that burden us. Common regrets that concern relationships, family, health, and careers may linger for years or potentially on your deathbed. Don’t save your regrets for dying days.

Use your regrets to make positive life-changing decisions, compensate for lost opportunities, and let go of those you can’t fix. Acknowledging your regrets can often lead to a more fulfilling life. 

Daniel H. Pink, author of The Power of Regret: How Looking Backward Moves Us Forward, wrote: A look at the research shows that regret, handled correctly, offers three broad benefits. It can sharpen our decision-making skills. It can elevate our performance on a range of tasks. And it can strengthen our sense of meaning and connectedness.”

Making Poor Judgment About People

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It’s natural to want to like people who like you. Sometimes, you may waste time worrying about people who don’t reciprocate their friendships or partnerships. Instead, they quickly disappear from your life, leaving you in grief. Learn to move on in your life and let go so you can have a lifetime of healthy and fulfilling relationships you value. 

Treating People Poorly

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Alternatively, some regret how they treated people in their youth, including close friends, exes, colleagues, or family members who are no longer here or are long on to other partners and friends. Someone tenderly wished they had videoed their Dad, who passed away several years ago, so that he could remember his voice forever. Appreciate the essential people around you, and they’ll embrace you back.

Not Staying In Touch With Friends

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Looking back, people may see a friend they argued with but can’t recall the conflict, and the friendship fizzled out. Among the top five regrets, Bronnie Ware, a palliative care assistant nurse for the dying, wrote, “I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.” The most significant argument may be forgotten tomorrow.

Worrying Too Much About What Others Think

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Outside of your close friends, family, and significant other, don’t worry about what others think of you. Sure, it would be ideal to be admired universally, but that may be a false expectation, causing you significant anxiety and stress. Being yourself may call on you to have the courage to live a life that is true to your core. Listen to yourself more.

Sometimes, you may even regret listening to those in your valued circle if it contradicts your gut. Putting yourself first works to your advantage. Believe in yourself rather than following other people’s expectations of you, and learn from your failures to succeed better.

Opportunities Not Taken

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Due to a lack of confidence, people often miss out on opportunities at a young age that could have strengthened their careers. As your confidence builds over time,  accept more significant responsibilities.

It’s not unusual to hear about people passing on promotions or a new job for fear of change or not being up to learning how to do the more complex tasks. Most new jobs have some learning curves to adapt to over time. Embrace the opportunities for new skills which will strengthen your career. Don’t overthink rewarding choices by passing them by. Speak to those who know more about these choices and help you decide.

Not Following Their Passion

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Many people complain later in life about not following their passion or dreams and taking a safer road, only to be unhappy later. Acknowledge your intuition about how you want to spend your time. Enjoying your work is a huge step toward finding success.

Finding yourself behind a desk for 30 years doing a job you hate is a terrible recipe. If you find yourself in such a position, decide to change your situation by investing time to find out what interests you more. You may prefer working outdoors and want to consider landscaping if you are attracted to gardening.

Going/Not Going to College

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People have many regrets about their college experience or not attending college. Many find themselves in college without “having the slightest idea” about what they want to do with their lives, blaming societal or family pressures for pushing them towards getting a degree in a hurry.

Many students choose the wrong courses or majors rather than pursuing help from counselors to get into a more suitable program. True, switching majors may involve higher costs as you need to add more prerequisites. However, that’s a small bump along your career path if it is more desirable in the long term.

Working Too Hard

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Shortly after Senator Paul Tsongas was told of his cancer diagnosis in the early 1980s, someone wrote him a letter that said, “Nobody on his deathbed ever said, “I wish I’d spent more time on my business.” People often complain that they put their all into their jobs, working long hours for companies that don’t care about them or value their work. Even if they love what you do, many recommend balancing your work life with your family and friends.

Poor Health Choices

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As we age, we often regret eating poorly, being overweight, not sleeping or exercising enough, and being prone to excessive alcohol drinking and smoking. Some people in their late 20s and 30s often refer to “horrible brain fog” accumulated from smoking marijuana in their teens and are having trouble concentrating at work. They can clear their heads and save money on this expensive habit by stopping it.

The quicker people recognize the negative consequences of these bad habits, the more likely they can recover and enjoy better health through dieting, quitting cold turkey, or turning to medical professionals to help them on their way.

Have Money  Management Problems

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Many people believed they would have been stronger financially if they had saved more money earlier. Instead of focusing more on priorities, they spent more liberally on things they didn’t need. Regrets may be that you made a terrible investment at its peak, didn’t invest in a diversified portfolio, or took on too much high-cost debt. It can cause paralysis. Make an effort now to undo some of these mistakes and reach out to a financial advisor to help you get back on a better path.

Not Getting Help Sooner for Mental Health

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Many people suffer from depression, have suicidal thoughts, and are anxiety-ridden, impacting their lives significantly, without seeking professional help. It is debilitating and hurts those they love and themselves. Several people on the online forum reported success when they acknowledged their problems with professionals, experiencing joy in their lives.

Regret More What They Haven’t Done

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Several people commented on their regrets about things they haven’t done. Among things people want to do more of include traveling, reading more, and taking education and life more seriously. They want more experiences like trying exotic food, hiking, and bicycling in Europe. As the iconic Nike tagline goes, “Just Do It.”

Wasting Time

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As people get older, they realize the silly ways they wasted time on things that didn’t matter and took away their energy. Let go of trivial things that bother you now but will be forgotten in the chamber of wasted time.

Let Yourself Be Happy

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A regret that may be too common and hits home for many of us is one Bronnie Ware shares in her book, 5 Regrets of the Dying, “I wish I had let myself be happier.” She adds, “A happy life can be found without moving house or doing anything drastic in our physical world. It is about changing our perception and being brave enough to honour some of our own desires too.” Starting today, be happy.

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